My Guest and Making Music

I have a guest staying with me for a little while until he finds a place to live. We have known each other for a little over 5 years, even dated back then a bit. Nothing romantic now, just a friend and companion. We get along well and he has a sweet agreeable nature. We share a love of music, as we met in radio. He plays the guitar and was a studio artist in NYC, has played on several albums. Have I mentioned my love for musicians? I have such strong respect and admiration for their talent. He and I have collaborated on several occasions to write song lyrics, he has taken my poems and set the to music and even written a song or two for me along the way.

We clash over politics so I just ask him to play for me…I love to watch the guitar being played. It is magic. Earlier this evening one of my best girlfriends came over and we all had a very nice time. He reduced her to nothing but giggles on several occasions as he whipped around in the kitchen, making sure all the food he prepared for us was just right. She was just fit to be tied as she watched him work away cooking. I think several of my girlfriends are going to be lining up at the door to enjoy the sight. Tonight my friend said she would be over quite a lot, and would be seeing him often. He, of course, enjoys the attention.

And have to say, it has been years…actually, I don’t know the last time it was, that I was able to just sit with one of my girlfriends and chat without having to worry about what was being cooked in the kitchen. It has been years since I did not have to jump up and do the dishes. I enjoyed the ease and fun nature of it.

And now dinner is over, and my friend is home. I sit typing and he sits playing the guitar.  I love the sound of the music as he plays, and help him with lyrics as he figures out the melody. I love having music played in the house, love having instruments around, love all of it, and am happy my home is filled with it now. We will be writing and recording music while he stays.

I am glad my guest has come to stay for a little while, glad for the company and the spirit he brings, glad for the music, glad for the food, glad for the sweetness. And I will enjoy it while it is here. It is wonderful to have a home where friends come and stay, where they feel comfortable and where there is everything they need. And I have a happy home.



2 thoughts on “My Guest and Making Music

    1. adalamar

      No Pressures!!! YEs that is so nice! We are good friends, and there is no pressure for romance or anything more. And that is what I need right now, just gopod friends around me who are positive and supportive. It is very nice and very healing. Friends help teach you to trust.


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