Family Ties

“The memories we make with our family is everything.” -Candice Cameron Bure

Family is so important for many reasons.  They are the people who are connected to us by blood, by heart, by souls. They know our history, our faults, and great qualities and more.  They know who we are, the good bad and the ugly.  They fill the spaces and cracks within us with love and belonging.  Because we all need to feel like we belong, like we matter. Because we do.

And this past weekend I was reminded by just how much love, acceptance, and belonging is out there. I spent the weekend with my cousins, at the beach, just the three of us girls. We grew up together, though they are older than I. I was the flower girl at one of their weddings, and one was there when my beautiful mother passed. They have always been wonderful to me, and my parents.

And to me, it was a reminder of how much love truly surrounds me in this life.  Family can be by blood or friendships, and these ladies are ones I am blessed to have in my life. They are people who I would want to know even if we were not related.

there are people in our lives who reminds us of who we are, who we want to be, of our values and dreams and life. They inspire us deep down in our soul. And their existence in our lives makes all the difference, because it is with them that we matter and belong. They make us laugh and are our tribe.

Life is short. Spend time with those who love you, whether in your life by blood or choice. Because we all need a tribe. We all need that unconditional love of those who know us well. And those are they ties of family.


It seems that I haven’t written for a while, and indeed that is the case when I looked at the dates of the last post that I’ve written. It seems that I have just been simply enjoying life, and building what the foundation will be for the future. Indeed this seems to be a great time of transformation and Foundation laying and coming to fruition.

It can be very discouraging when you keep working hard but you don’t see results. Life has a funny way of happening. And for me, all of the sudden all the work that I’ve been doing is suddenly paying off. And things are falling into place quite nicely, quite beautifully, and I am absolutely delighted. And delighted because what I have said that I wanted for quite a while, seems to be coming true now. And the things that are coming to now are doing so because of the foundation that I said a while back. And these things that are happening now, will be the foundation for my dreams of the future coming true as well.

Because the work we do now, will be the foundation of the future. And I found myself on Solid Ground because of the work I did before. All the hard work, all the research, all the writing, all the talking, all the communicating, all the contacts, all the everything of it. It is working and it’s breathing and it’s living, and it is breathing new life into my life and into me. I find myself waking up excited, and I find that there’s a spring in my step during the day, because now things are moving. Now things are falling into place, and it is very exciting.

And so it is, when we see all that we want falling into place so nicely, so beautifully, so wonderfully. When we have worked so incredibly hard, and cried a river or even an ocean of tears, and put more Sweat Equity into our life than we ever thought we could. And then things start working.

And so it is from this Solid Ground that I am able to create the solid dreams that are coming. But I had tobget to solidnground first. And beleive me, that took a lot. A lot of hard work. A lot of prayer, a lot of everything. A lot of me. To constrict this life.

And that is the great thing, we get to build the life we want. Whatever our dreams are, whatever we believe, whatever we truly think we can go after and do and feel and see and want an accomplished, we actually can. That’s the magic of this life. That’s the magic of all that work and faith and everything. And this is where I am. Right at the brink. Oh there’s still so much work to do, and that’s okay because I can see it forming, this life that I want.

Sinnoh matter where you are on the journey, don’t lose Faith. Even when you’re so exhausted you can barely think, or see straight, or feel, much less plan. Trust me it will all pay off come and maybe even sooner than you think. Just keep going, keep working, keep praying, keep believing, and I promise it will happen.

Life is short, too short to be negative. So always be positive, always work hard, always believe, and always have faith. Trust me, it all seems to work out in the end.

The Haunt in the House

It was a fun party, thrown by neighbor who said all of us other neighbors could get to know each other. I live in a great area and a small subdivision with 17 houses in one cul-de-sac. And so it was good to see the other neighbors other than the ones that live directly next to me. And when you meet your neighbors you learn so much them and the neighborhood as well. You learn about who is been there the longest, the shortest, who has kids and who doesn’t. You learn about who works at home and who travels a lot and who makes the best cakes or pies or who throws the best parties for the holidays. And in my case, I also found out the history of the house in which I live.

I’ve always sensed a bit of a presence since I moved in. Those who know or have had the same experience know that feeling all too well. And the doorbell rings in the middle of the day or the middle of the night with no one there. And there have been other things as well, little happenings and sounds and footsteps up the stairs.

And so I wasn’t as shocked as some would have thought when they told me that the man who lived here before I moved in, had passed away in the house. As they told me the circumstances and their theories, I nodded and listen sometimes a wide-eyed.

Information like that is enough to freak anyone out a bit. And indeed I was. Being the researcher that I am, I immediately went to the internet to search the happenings that they described, and the days, and the names of the people involved. Sure enough, everything was there. Even a picture of the man and the family that lived here before me. And I still get mail for them.  I have to tell you, it’s a strange feeling to know that someone has passed in the house in which you live.

And so it was time to burn incense and Sage, to get rid of any negative energy that might have left over from the traumatic events. Ghosts can say as long as they want, but not the negative energy. They must only be positive energy in my household. And so I go around the house burning the sage and incense, repeating the phrase that will clean the energy in the home:

“I ask the Universe to bless this home and fill it with light and love. Negativity and darkness is not welcome here. This is a positive sanctuary. S ,it is said and so it shall be.”

And as I think of the man, and his family, I do hope but they are okay where they are. And then I think of my own experiences and just like a light bulb the thought occurs to me. This is not about the past, this is about the future. This is about right now. Because we simply cannot live in the past, at least not for very long. Because the fact of the matter is that life does go on, the earth still turns, the sun still rises and sets, and we must too.

And so I pay my respects to the events of what happened in this house, and then I claim this house, and this present and this future, for myself. And I pray for positive energy, and positive thoughts, and positive actions, and positive results, await.

Life is short, so pay your respects to the past, and leave it there. Like the saying says there’s a reason why the rear-view mirror is so small but the windshield is so big. And so many big and wonderful things wait for you, all you have to do is keep moving forward. All you have to do is keep praying and keep believing and keep working and keep doing. You may have to start with baby steps, and that’s okay. Baby steps will get you there all the same.

Happy New Month

We all have those days, or weeks, or even months, that are horrible. That is what this past July has been for me. It is usually the worst month of the year, but this July was the worst. The annivary of my mother’s suffering and death, loss of friends, not getting much sleep, toxic people dumping their toxic crap in my life, Mercury in retrograde, arguments and finally someone saying they didn’t understand my family’s death being so upsetting – it was nature. WTAH??

And finally – FINALLY – it is no longer. It is August, the next month, the new month. New with no bad things, new with the promise of good times, great friends, more possibilities, new, adventures and new experiences.

And how many tines have we needed to start over? And that is the grrat thing about a new month, or a new year, or even a new day, we have the opportunity to start over. We have the opportunity to not make the same mistakes. We have the opportunity to start new, no matter what it is. Whether it’s to exercise or to pray, or to meditate or to read more or to whatever. Each new day, each new week, each new month, each New Year, even right down to each new moment, is a new start should we choose to take it.

Our Lives will never be completely done. We are constantly in the progress of improving or changing or striving. We are constantly in flux. And that is okay, because only when we stop learning, only when we stop changing do we truly die, at least in Soul and Spirit. So as long as we’re growing and learning then we are going in the right direction. And we can always change our mind if we discover a better path.

And so it is now with this new month. A Time for so many things finally being tied up and coming to an end, and even more new things being started. It is a new month, it is a fresh start, and it is exciting.

Life is short and precious, in the time we have is finite. Don’t waste your time being stuck are you don’t want to be. Step out of your comfort zone, take some chances and risks, and make your dreams come true. And even if you fail, so what? At least you went out there and tried. And that’s more than many people can say. So go out there and do it. And happy new month!

Mine for the Taking

They say you should put your intentions out there, and not to be afraid to claim what is rightfully yours. For a while I simply didn’t have the energy to do this. But now I’m coming into the light out of the dark, my energy has returned and it feels Beyond glorious. And so with new enthusiasm and energy and faith and sense of wonder and curiosity, I’m here to claim what is mine. Because what is mine is here for the taking.

And what is mine is a wonderful fulfilling career of writing. Not just of writing for corporations and projects that I find interesting. Before writing my books and for my own personal satisfaction. My writing is for inspiring and encouraging others in their daily life and struggles. For those who are trying to get through things that they don’t discuss, or for relationship issues, or for grief of losing a loved one. My writing career is mine for the taking, for making people think, and set goals, and smile, and discuss.

And what is mine for the taking, is a wonderful harmonious happy household full of laughter and discussion and smiles. It is a home filled with wonderful memories of friends, and loved ones, and those wonderful delicious delicate moments that make worth life living.

What is mine for the taking is a wonderful amazing romantic partner who is both passionate and Incredibly kind. Compassion, and empathy, and integrity, and kindness are abundant. And what is mine for the taking is holding hands and discussing dreams and discussing heartaches and sharing life. What is mine for the taking if someone who will support me and take care of me just as I support and take care of them. A mutually beneficial and kind relationship.

What is mine for the taking is Adventure and fun. I am no longer satisfied with playing it safe in the safe places. I want to go and grow and explore and seek. I want to see the world and talk to people and find out about all the things of which I am curious. I want to learn and share ideas.

What is mine for the taking is the energy for this life that I have been blessed with and will create even more. What is mine for the taking is all the love that I have to offer to others, being returned to me as well. And through faith and hard work, and the amazing Miracle of God’s grace, these things are mine, will be mine, and this life will blossom.

But how exactly do we do this? How do we turn our lives from the drab and mundane, into the beautiful & fabulous? I don’t know, but I have an idea. I think that the secret lies in finding the fun and adventure in the everyday. I know it sounds silly, maybe even impossible, but I truly think it can be done. The big things in the big events that make our life spectacular don’t happen that often. So if we wait on all the big events to happen before we can be happy or initiate change, we’re going to be miserable and waiting a long time. So we have to make sure that we enjoy every single moment of every single day to the absolute fullest. And that means creating adventure and fun where maybe others can’t see it.

We’re in the middle of summer, it’s the perfect time to roll your windows down and crank the radio up and sing at the top of your lungs. Who cares what the next driver thinks of you or if they look at you like you’re an alien? They only wish they were having this much fun driving around in the traffic. And who would have ever thought driving would be so much fun? But we can make it an adventure if you choose. Or how about the next time it rains? Look for the rainbow, or actually step out in the rain and enjoy feeling the cool raindrops against your skin as the precipitation washes away all the debris from your soul. We can find magic in the ordinary if we’re only willing to close our eyes and see it and look for it.

Life is short, and what is abundantly clear is that whatever it is you are looking for is what you will find. So you might as well look for things that will make you happy and sustain a beautiful life. Life is too short to be miserable, so you might as well have fun in Adventures along the way. Don’t get me wrong, no matter how hard we try there will always be some drama and some hardships, but that’s not what life is about. And if we pray and have faith and work hard and believe, we can make our lives the beautiful, marvelous, complex novels they were meant to be.

So don’t be afraid to claim what is yours in Life, or whatever it is you want. There’s no shortage, so there’s plenty for everyone. And it’s just they’re waiting for you, your dreams and your passion are the only boundaries that exist. So go on, claim your treasure, claim what is yours. After all it is yours for the taking, this life which we have been blessed to have.

Stealing Christmas

Most people love the holidays. It is just a cheerful time with gifts and family and friends. And sometimes when we have to make our own holidays and celebrate life. Sometimes when were go through a difficult time, or deal with difficult people, we still have to find time and reasons to enjoy life.

It feels like Christmas in July the last 36 hours. There has been peace, laughter, a few tears, lots of great conversation, trips being planned, people making miraculous recoveries, prayer, smiles, good food and good music. The weather has even cooled down to a more tolerable level.

And this is what happens when you rid your life of emotional vampires who suck the life out of life itself. These people cause so much drama and misery, that getting rid of them frees up so much of your time to put into constructive things. I have had time to concentrate on my career, to meditate, to exercise, to clean, to organize, to connect with close friends and plan a few trips.

And why do these emotional vampires exist? Why do they cause drama in the lives of those around them? I don’t know if they do it for control, or to feel important, or for some other reason. And it really doesn’t matter, because the result is the same. And I know that these people are not happy with themselves or their lives, because happy have extremely different behavioral patterns.

So enjoy the time and energy that is returned to you. Use it well, don’t waste it. Our time on this earth is so fleeting, and can change in an instant, as anyone who has lost a loved one knows. Steal your Christmas back, that joy, that excitement, that love of life. Give yourself the gift of all those things you did not have time to do, or say, or plan. I promise you that you will find wonderful things with which to fill the empty spaces.

Life is short. Celebrate it. Love it. Fill it up, drink it up, live it up.