The Life we Build

It has often been said that we are the authors of our lives; we write the chapters, we make the rules, we decide the characters. And with all great novels a great story is told, a life is built and it unfolds before our very eyes.  Is life not the same way?  We are building our lives.  And if we have the power to build the life we want, to write the story of our lives…what do we want it to be?  And how do we start writing when we are staring at the blank. White. Page?

The best thing about life being a blank white page is that you can literally begin where you like.  The canvass is yours do do what you will, much like the world is yours for the taking.  I have often said that I want to float around the Caribbean  writing.  I want to make millions selling my books and retire by the time I am 45. And I have often said I want a safe boring  life of raising children, cleaning house and home cooking.  Yes, I want that too.  I also want a loving husband that adores me. I want a home…that is bright, full of love, friends and the laughter of children.  I want authenticity.  I want my story to be a great epic novel.

Someone once asked how did I expect to have all that…”Don’t you know you can’t have children and float around the Caribbean…and have a peaceful home?”  Well…why not?  I think this person is crazy to think that I couldn’t some how pull it off. And that’s the thing about blank pages…you get to choose what is on them.

Now, whose to say what my life will turn out to be?  Many times we end up where we never thought we would.  I never in a million years thought I would be a writer.  But here I am.  And the people we meet along the way?  They add such color and vivaciousness to our novel.  The paths that cross ours, the experiences and conversations we have with those building their own lives can only enrich our own.

So what if life looks like an awkward mashing of metal?  A rough scaffolding around some strange dark building?  That’s OK, we are just under construction, remodeling maybe.  Even the Eifell Tower didn’t look beautiful when it was under construction.  But those building it were not concerned.  They knew the secret, they saw the plans and knew what a beautiful tower it would be. And so too is the life we build.

6 thoughts on “The Life we Build

  1. Doing a bit of reading about you….I am stirred… so a personal post written just for your blog from me, inspired soley from your words…

    Many moons ago, I was in high school telling my mother about the dream of owning a big plot of land in the Caribbean and how I would have more than my dad had….her response? “Sure you will… ”

    My life is a reflection of all of the snide comments of people without faith that a person is capable of making their dreams come to fruition…I put myself through college working 3 jobs and that includes my stint at law school, with no loans… working corporate jobs until I could own my own…and from there life sprouted…14 small businesses later…and land on several islands, I’m no longer just some guy living in the Caribbean, I’m the boy who knew what he wanted and had the determination to prove everyone who lacked faith, wrong.

    Everyday I breathe, I find adventure… I’m duty-bound as an act of faith in God…it’s a measure of thanks for giving me the opportunties to live my incredible life…

    People sometimes wonder why I don’t get “giddy” during holiday times, I let them know a secret…. everyday you breathe is a holiday….celebrate a little bit every single day and even when you’re a bit wild and wicked, God will know you loved your life enough to live it in an amazing way, not just on special days but everyday…

    You are worthy of all of your wishes…and amazing woman, any man who doesn’t adore you, shouldn’t be in your life in the first place…




    1. adalamar

      Wow. Thank you so much for that personal post, it has truly moved and you inspired me as well. Your writing actually gave me shivers, and that doesn’t happen much.

      You have an amazing story and a great attitude. I understand what you mean about the snide comments just making you more determined to prove them wrong and succeed. I feel the same way and always have. If I listened to what people said I couldn’t do, I would not have had even a fraction of the wonderful life I have been blessed enough to live.

      To make your dreams happen, you must have a sick work ethic and incredible determination. You must be stubborn enough to succeed and simply know, deep down, that failure is not an option. And you must have, above all,faith. Faith in God and faith in yourself. It still won’t be easy, but that is what makes it worth while.

      I look forward to reading more of you.



    2. adalamar

      Also, I love the line…”I’m duty-bound as an act of faith in God…it’s a measure of thanks for giving me the opportunties to live my incredible life… ”

      I have always felt that way myself, but have never heard anyone else express it. Thank you so much for sharing.


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