I read a blog I follow tonight about time. And this week has been about nothing but time. Time to think about timing. Time to recover from last week – a horrible week that saw my Father nearly dying, and a relationship put to death. Timing of a guest staying with me until he finds a place to live. Time for my career to work out and some very promising things on the horizon. Time for me to cry , let go, and release the stress, the terror, the fear, the sadness, of knowing how close my father nearly came. Time for me to let go of the relationship that never really was. Time to know that I will be fine and that what is around the corner waiting for me…is so much better than that from which I walk away.

Time for me to take a break, Time for me to be still. Time for me to reconnect with dear friends. Tine for dinners and conversations over glasses of wine. Time to ready books, time to enjoy the sun and the warmth it brings. Time for me to laugh, and sing, and record music. Time for me to fish with my father and really talk to him about life, and thoughts and what he thinks. Time for me to set the foundation to build my own family. Yes, I want a family of my own, and it is time for me to stop being ashamed to say it.

Because time, it seems doesn’t mean everything. But it does hold everything. I think the reason why time is so valuable, is because it is the container in which life comes. Life happens in Time. What Time contains is what is so valuable to us, to me.  Yes, so much comes in time. Wisdom, experience, love, death, second chances, first kisses, decisions, regrets, mistakes…and….Life.

And now it is time for me to go to bed.


4 thoughts on “Time

  1. Ada
    Your post reminds me of a famous passage in the bible. Ecclesiastes 3. It is written by Solomon, the world recognizes as the world’s wisest man and also the richest man of all history. The whole book of Ecclesiastes is a retrospective wisdom written in his advanced years. I commend it to your reading but especially Eccl 3 the poetic chapter about a time to be born a time to die etc.

    Blessings on you and yours


    1. adalamar

      Thank you so much John. Yes, there is a time for everything. This is my time to grieve, to heal, and then to be happy. I look forward to that day once again. Thank you for your words, your caring and for the advice.


  2. You must have written and posted this sometime after midnight, in the early a.m. of this Friday, this blessed Easter Friday. So many of the activities you list in the second paragraph of this post are the very things I treasure more and more these days. Just so very lovely to read of you making time for them in your own life.


    1. adalamar

      Yes, I am taking this time to really rediscover that things that are so important to me and that which I enjoy. It is a very cathartic experience.


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