10 Sexiest Thigns About Men – Repost

Several friends have asked me to repost this. So, here it is…the most wonderful list of the year. And remember –  men are delicious, wonderful, kind and amazing. Appreciate them, love them, spoil them, but make sure they still put the seat down!  Enjoy!

In this world of man-bashing and battles of the sexes, I thought it would be nice to list some of the sexiest things about men.

1.Their Chest: Truly a wonderful thing.  There is some just soo incredibly sexy about a man’s chest.  Whether they work out or not, because the males chest belongs to a man it is-by default-Sexy.

2. Chest Hair: Sexy because it is uniquely male.  Only a man can have hair like that (I hope), and it is wonderful to run your hands through.  And I love to nuzzle my face in a great ahiry chest. Heaven. But one Need not have a hairy chest to be sexy as long as one has #3

3. Stuble: THE sexiest thing about men.  Ever.  The 5:00 shadow is the epitomy of manly, and again, wonderful to feel close to. I love to get very close and rub my cheek against a man’s stubble. Heaven many times over. And if you ladies have ever had a man run his stubble along your back or neck, it is truly a wonderful and sensual experience.

4.  Arms: Yes I know what you are thinking, women have these too.  But there is something about the shape of the muscles in a man’s arm that is delicious. The texture is different.   Whether they work out or not, a man’s arm does not look anything like a woman’s (even if she works out – a lot).

5.  The voice: A deep manly voice could give me chills in the dessert on a summer afternoon.  Manificent and sexy. There are some men who I could sit and listen to them read the phone book…it’s all about the voice.

6.  Legs: This goes a long with the arms.  The muscles in a man’s leg look nothing like a womans’ And if you can cath them when they are running or lifting something heavy, that is a very sexy moment, to watch those muslces in motion.

7.  Lips:  No matter how plump or modest, you can’t look at a man’s lips with out thinking about kissing. I love watching a man’s lips, how they form their words, how they smile, even how they frown.

8.  Ass: OK, really do I need to explain?

9:  Hands: They are capable of fixing cars, plumbing issues, and beating the pulp out another guy to defend your honor and can still be gentle and tender. Many times I will watch a mans hands just for the sheer joy and sensuality of it. How they move, what they look like when doing certain things, how nimble they are, I just lvoe noticing all of those subtle nuances about a mans hands.

And last but not least….

10  Mind: What creature can make us melt because they don’t want to be alone after seeing “Old Yeller”, and infuriate us after not putting the seat down – again?  Yes, through the good,  the bad and the ugly, the way men think is truly unique the the male species.

There are other really great sexy things about men. Like the way they kiss us (especially when they hold us really tight or gently touch our face.)  The way they look at us.  The fact that they can lift heavy things.  When they open doors for us.  When they put their hands gently on our back to guide us as we are walking – love that. When they hold us when we cry, reassure us when we are scared.  When they are vulnerable.  When they shyly slip their hand into ours.  When they kiss our hands. The list could go on and on….

Now if only men came with a money back, time back, emotion back guarantee when/if they become defective!   Oh-well you can’t have everything!


6 thoughts on “10 Sexiest Thigns About Men – Repost

  1. for a minute there I was thinking I’d have to make some vaguely witty comment about some unsightly guy, but then after reading the list I instead feel like I should shamelessly say that, oh yes, I’ve got all of these hahhahaa. It’s not vain if you laugh out loud at yourself as if it was an innocent comment (but what I said is still true, let’s not fool ourselves here haha)


  2. Hey Ada
    Another thing about a man’s hands is that they are strong and if they give you a mssage, it is heavenly. I can give you one of three reactions depending upon how I would massage you. I can put you to sleep when you are tense, I can wake you up and give you renewed energy or best yet, I can make you hornier than hell without touching any erogenous zones.

    Blessings on you and yours


  3. You spurred the writer in me to write 10 sexy things about a woman that I will post on my blog but had to post it here first. Mine is somewhat more sexual than yours but hey I am a guy, can’t help it.

    Blessings on you and yours and women everywhere
    John Wilder

    Ten Sexy Things About Women
    1. Her mouth. Wonderful thing that mouth that is so good at kissing you and making you all happy And horny. How wonderful it feels when she takes us into that mouth.
    2. Her hair. I love to play with a woman’s hair. I love to get my face in it and I love it when she strokes across my naked body. I love how it smells.
    3. Her breasts. Well you guys can extol at length over a woman’s breasts. We never tire of looking at them, sucking on them, feeling them against our backs, against the back of our arm when she is standing close, feeling them in our hands or again stroking them against our member.
    4. Her butt. Do you ever tire of squeezing her butt cheeks in your hands, or looking at it in jeans or better yet in a short skirt or feel it against you doing it doggy style?
    5. Her legs, yes especially when she is wearing high heels. Those calves make us want to melt, especially well shaved legs that are so silky to the touch.
    6. Her heart which can forgive us for so much, and when it melts when we do something romantic for her.
    7. Her vagina. Okay guys you know it is the promised land and heaven this side of earth when it is given to us freely and lovingly.
    8. Her lingerie, the frillier and lacier the better. Most men would rather see their woman in frilly lacy lingerie than see her naked, especially when she flashes you when she gets into a car that we have opened for her in a short skirt.
    9. Her whole body when it comes to hugging, sleeping next to us or cuddled up. Can anything feel so right, I don’t think so.
    10. The way that she completes us. Admit it guys, you are never truly happy when you are totally single. We just are meant to have a woman of our own, God made it that way.

    Tell that woman that you love her today and that you appreciate her and that you are glad to have her in your life. It will fill up her love bank.

    Blessings on you and yours


  4. Hey Ada
    I am glad, I was afraid that you might have taken offense at the more sexual nature of my post. But women are truly wonderful things and too many guys take you for granted. God knew what he was doing when he gave us women.
    Blessings on you and yours


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