The Cathedral

It had been quite a while since I had gone. I used to go a lot, especially on off days, when there were no services scheduled.  I would go and sit in the sanctuary, in the silence and sit in His presence and pray.  I would let the light that came through the stained glass windows wash over me and feel the warmth.

We all need quiet time, to sit still and just listen. To realign with our spirit and souls after we have been hurt so deeply, or felt so much sorrow. We all need to be still and pray when we need direction and guidance.

And I went yesterday to the cathedral after my grief counseling session.  I felt the need to be quiet and listen to His voice within. And so I went but this time it wasn’t as quiet as usual.  There was a special choir practice from Oxford and the children’s choir from the church and they rehearsed songs and chants from the 16th century.  It was quite a treat.

And I closed my eyes, and listened to the beautiful blending of the voices as tears ran down my cheeks.  And I prayed for wisdom, and guidance and Grace. I prayed for Peace within my own restlessness.

And I slept well last night. While this is a very hard time, I have my honor, my dignity, my integrity and my class still in tact.  And that is more than some.


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