The Aftermath

Aftermath is defined in the dictionary as the consequences or aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event. Or in my case, events – plural.  True the last year has been quite tumultuous. A good friend of mine and I were talking this past weekend, comparing notes about the last year.  And she asked, which is worse, going through these bad times, or the aftermath?

After a brief discussion, we both agreed that it was the aftermath of these events that are truly what is the most difficult.  The moment my mother died was truly horrible, but it was just a moment.  The aftermath is what has been difficult.  The same with my father’s death. The aftermath of loosing them both within 7 months is devastating.

It is the aftermath because in the wake of these storms, we are left leveled and we must try to figure out how to rebuild.  Just like a tornado ripping through a neighborhood, leaving nothing but shards of what was left, we look out and see only shattered pieced of what our lives looked like before. And then we are faced with the time consuming task of cleaning up the mess.  Then figuring out what to do with just the bare land of our lives.

The landscape of my life looks vastly difference now than it did a ear ago.  Every part of it has changed almost.  But now that lies before me can be anything that I want.  I just have to decide what exactly that is.

Do I want to stay in Atlanta?  Nothing is holding me here now, so do I want to stay in the rat race?  If not where would I go?  Maybe closer to my siblings?  Closer to the water?  Do I want to buy a house?  Take a class? Take a trip?  Hmmmm….Maybe make a goal board, since the goals on the last one are no longer applicable.

I wrote here about building the life we want.  What about rebuilding after the life you were building is wiped out? I suppose the theory is the same. The only difference is where you are beginning.  First you have to figure out what structure to build, then have the blueprints and build it by design, the life you want.

All you have to do to start is make sure there is firm ground on which to build the foundation.  And there is nothing more firm and steady than the human soul, guided by the hand of God.


You Just Wonder Micheal Mule’

You just wonder

Now that I know

About the lies you told

About where you go

You just wonder

How long have I known?

How far back does it go?

And who I have told

You just wonder

How I found out

About the secret life you live

With your out and about

You just wonder

When I will tell

To whom will I whisper

You secrets they sell?

Do damage control

Check my blog

Reach out to my friends,

To see if they know.

You just wonder

When the truth will come out

That the nice guy is sleezy

Of that there is now no doubt.

So you just wonder…