Do the ‘Do

At some point in our lives, we all do something that makes us a little nervous. We can’t go through life always being in our comfort zone, and indeed they say everything you want is on the other side of fear. Also say to get what you want in life you have to take risks. Indeed risk mitigation is a big part of life and of being an adult.

Being in a pandemic and the time of quarantine and social distancing definitely abs to that level of risk mitigation. For me it was a certain level of risk to trim my own hair. Many years ago I used to cut my own hair but this is different, this is 20 years later during a pandemic when I can’t just run to my fabulous hair stylist to fix whatever I mess up. But I wasn’t desperate need of a trim as my hair was starting to look very bushy and unkempt. I could hear my mother’s voice telling me that I needed to do something with that, as she would say.

And so I did. I took the risk and I got the scissors and I started slipping away, not at all sure of what the final outcome. Indeed I started to get nervous as certain parts of my hair started to look chunky and uneven. This was either going to be another success, or spectacular failure. And again, this is not the time to completely mess up your hair because there’s no one available right now to fix it.

But I’m pretty pleased with the result, as it looks sassy just like me. So I think it will do until I can get my regular stylist appointment went all this virus stuff is over. Until then, all enjoy the new do.

Life is short. Take the risks. Buy the shoes, wear the lipstick, tell that person you like them, or just cut your own hair.

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