Lining Up

We all have those times in life where things just line up. We work hard at our goals and to do lists, and so it is almost a relief when things just fall into place. It is the process of all that hard work coming to fruition, the manifestation of our hopes, dreams and visualizations. And this is where I am.  I am still working hard to make thing happen, but it certainly helps that the Universe and God and answering my prayers.

The vegetable garden is growing fast and soon I will start work on the flower garden and fire pit.  I hung the lights up for the patio today and the herbs are almost growing as well.   The house is coming together and feeling more like home as I get things situated and unpacked. I love my life feels right now.

I have long said that we go about life a bit backwards – many timers we go after the job, the house, the title, the car…all of those things that we think will make us happy. And then we achieve that promotion and job title, buy the house and the car, have all of the nice expensive things but still feel empty. Why is that?

I think it is because we pursue the wrong things.  When I was first getting out of radio and I was going to see employment agencies and recruiters, the first thing they would ask is what kind of job, what job title I wanted? Well, I didn’t know.  So I described it tot them: I want a job that is creative, where I work in a team and where my contribution is meaningful. I have no idea what that job description is, but  That is what I wanted and was open to suggestions..  To my surprise they smiled and said they knew exactly what I meant and would help.

Then I found writing and my own company and I never looked back. And I have been very happy in my career, because I didn’t pay attention to titles or that “list,” I just followed what made me feel good.

And even more, here in this new place, I follow the same thing. I want a home that feels good and warm and welcoming. So I chose a house like that and am filling it with things that make people feel at home.  I want a garden that I can share with neighbors, so I have planted one. I want friends that are supportive and make me feel valued, and so I have sought out others with similar values.

And it is when we go after how we want our lives to feel that things fall into place.  We work hard, pray hard and it will work out. I love my life now and am happier now than I have been in years.  I love every part of my life, and new opportunities are lining up in ways I never even dreamed.  I am so blessed and fortunate and every day I give thanks.

Forget about what you are supposed to do, forget what other s say or think you should do, and go for what will make you the happiest.  I always have and have no regrets.  They may call you crazy, actually they will, but that’s OK.  It’s not their life or their happiness.

They called me crazy when I left NY with no job and no place to live.  I was called crazy when I started in radio. People said I was crazy when I moved to Atlanta with no job and no place to live, just rolled into town with a full UHaul…but I found a place to live that day and a job a week later. My plan to get out of my comfortable job in finance to start writing was called “dubious” at best, yet here I am. People thought I was crazy when I left the safety of Atlanta for Houston, to move into a house I had not even seen, just looked at online.  I didn’t care. And I have been happy with all of those decisions. And I am now blissfully happy.

And I’ll tell you a secret – they will call you crazy anyway, no matter what you do or where you go, so you might at well do what you want.  Take the risks, if you think they will pay off.  Don’t listen to the critics, what do they know anyway?

Life is short. Do what makes you happy, because your life is about you, not them.