May I

It is the first day of a new month, and one of my favorite months of the year to be specific.  I love the month of may be cause it is like a playground for me.  It is before summer but the last of spring.   So everything seems to wrap up in anticipation of the summer  months. Everyone is getting everything done for the time of vacations and shorter days at work to enjoy longer time the he sun.

It is a time when I enjoy the milder weather before the temperatures start climbing. It is also the time of mother’s Day and the month of my Mom’s birthday.  I would always make a big deal of both and have a long visit with family.

This month there will also be tending to the vegetable and flower gardens. It will be learning to play the piano and guitar again. And hopefully seeing some familiar faces as travel bans are lifted and the world becomes a little safer. My house is becoming a home as more things are unpacked and put in place. Books on bookshelves, ready to be read, collectibles from friends and family and travels  out where the memories they inspire will make me smile.

Indeed, May is the month of promise and opportunity, before the activity of the summer is in full swing.  It is a time to plan and play.  There is company coming in the months ahead, and trips to plan to wonderful places.  Barbados, Belize, California islands and of course, to Atlanta and more.  It is a time of optimism and happiness, of love and loyalty and of joy.

It has been quite and eventful year so far – a move halfway across the country, starting a new life, settling in, meeting new and wonderful people, dating a new man, making a new home, starting new adventures, social distancing in a time of benevolence, and making a home. Things do seem to be slowing down a bit, which is great because other adventures can take shape. All because no matter what, life goes on. Time moves on. There is nothing we can do to stop it, so we might as well jump in and enjoy it. Make this time an adventure.

Life is short.  Don’t ask May I?  Jump in during this month and do it, own it, take the risks and make this a year to remember – not because of the virus and quarantine, but because of the changes you make and the adventure you have.