The Grill Life

We all have those things that we have always wanted to do or try. And we are sure that if we ever had the chance to try, we would master it and have a great time as well. There is something I have always wanted to do and now I have the chance.

I bought a grill today. A big shiny, pretty 5 burner plus gas grill. And I cannot wait to start grilling things.  I am not sure what yet, but there are plenty of things in my freezer. And, famous last words…how hard can it be to learn? I mean, throw some chicken on there…or shrimp, or pork chops, or burgers, or steaks, or corn, or…whatever…put some seasoning on it and it works, right?

I can feel the judging scowls of those who grill as they read my casual predictions. Maybe I can watch some YouTube videos, or have friends over who know how to grill and don’t mind teaching.  I’ll start simple, with some burgers or chicken, and go from there. My friends and neighbors will hopefully be the willing guinea pigs for me to tune my skill on the grill.

I am gearing up for a lot of company, many visitors when the airlines open up again and it is safe to travel.  I will be going places and having people over as well.  And I always want to be able to cook for my besties.  Wine, a klutz and a grill…what could go wrong? With any luck I’ll be able to grab some corn from the garden and grill it, along with other vegetables too.

This is the life that I am crafting. A life happy with or without visitors. A life from which I need no escape, and travel is just for fun, not for sanity.

And maybe that is the bigger picture, as I create this space, in this moment in time. I am getting to know who I am without my family, without all the responsibility, without all the drama and without all of the everything.  I am learning who I am, in this world – just me.  I am learning what I like and what I want. And I like who I am discovering who I am and making this life that I want.

Life is short. Forge ahead. Forget what others think of you, or if they even like you.  When you follow your own path, those who are supposed to be in your life will catch up. To thine own self be true, and those around you will be as well NOw, if you need me, I’ll be grilling.