Thank You: Standing in the Shoulders of Giants

Therr are few things in this life more tramatizing then the possibility of literally loosing everything you own. Some people have had to face that reality during floods, hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters. However one never expects to face such a situation from a moving company.  

Such is the aituation I found myself in after hiring a very unscrupulous moving company that quoted me a price, loaded (almost) all of my things on their trucks, and then told me it would cost almost 4x the original amount to get my things back. And I only had 24 hours to pay or they would aunction my belongings to settled to debt. 

WHAT?!? Certainly that cannot be legal? Well, technically no. But in trying to find an agency who oversees the business of movers I found that there is no oversight for moving companies. So once they have your things, they have you over a barrel.

Unless you are a big mouthed red-head, like me.  After many phone calls to agencies and friends…they were flooded with complaints, emails, phone calls and the high threat of media…and I hired an attorney that same day who was a shark and who would scare them enough to negociate. 

Two days and an unspecified amount later (much lower than what they demanded before), my possesions where then delivered. But only dumped to the garage and in the driveway. 

The whole ordeal was terrifying, stressfull and horrible. To face the real threat of losing everything, not just of mine, but a lot of what my parents had left me, was what nightmares are made of. 

The only reason I have my things safely in my house now is only because of prayer, and because I stand on the shoulders of giants. I have no authority or power over others, in the grand scheme of things I am nothing. I am no mogul, I am not famous, I am not an owner of a huge corporation. 

But I have the most amazing and incredible friends in the entire world.  And they came through for me when I was in desperate need of help.  My wonderful friends made online reviews, phone calls, emails and more.  They called me and helped me plan, made suggestions of ideas, and offered monetary help if it came to that. 

And of all that was not enough, they came to help me move my posessions from the driveway into my new house. They called off work, sacrificed time off, put sweat equity into my move. Without them I don’t even want to think about what would have happened.  

The fact of the matter is, that no matter how terrifying and stressful this experience has been, the moving company did nothing to me. In a year I won’t even remember their name.  But what I will remember is gow wonderful, loyal and amazing my friends are. How they came through for me, surrounded me, and made sure that I was OK. How they supported me, how they lifted me up from a bad sitiation and how they have shown me the meaning of love.

I am blessed beyond belief, sitting in my new house, safe, dry and loved. 

And I would not, could not, be here without standing in the shoulders of giants.

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