The legend of the Phoenix

We all have those times in our life, only feel like we’ve just been through the ringer. And we have worked our way from Rock Bottom, we have clawed our way back to the top, where we can feel the light of the Sun on our faces. We have put Blood Sweat and Tears in getting to the place where Rock Bottom can be a firm foundation on which to build the rest of our lives.

And that is where I find myself this evening, and this beautiful new house, unpacking it and making it home. I have come from a place where my heart was broken. 

But now, I rise.

It is the turning of the page, the branding of the new, a start among the ashes. And I rise.

We have thw power to make life exactly what we want it to be. That doesn’t mean that bad won’t happen, but it does mean that when the waters calm, and the dust settles, and we have our lives returned to us…we can build again. We can start were we left off, or change direction completely.

For me, I go back a few years, before all of it. And I concentrate on myself and building a life of love. 

God has given me everything for which I have prayed, all but one last thing. 

And I rise out of the ashes that was my old life, my old self, my old soul. And I build again. Because it seems that life is a series of building. You build your career, you build your family, you build the life you want. And so goes the legend of the Phoenix