A Day of Doing Nothing

I started out feeling ambitious.  I was going to unpack for another day, get more things out of boxes, clean, organize and be very…productive. I was going to check things off of that very long to do list that seems to grow daily.

But sometimes you need to slow down and take a moment, or a day off. I have been so busy and stressed over the last few weeks that I needed to take some time to just enjoy a day.  To relax. to catch up with friends. to have conversations, to watch TV shows, to take  a nap in the middle of the day. Paint my nails.

And that is what I have done today.   Nothing. And it has been wonderful.  And I will continue to enjoy the day.  Oh, I might plant a few flowers or such, but that is the most I will do.

In this day and age of everything bigger, faster, better, we can;t forget to live a little.  We cannot forget that life is more than rushing around, crossing things off the list.  We have to remember to enjoy the days and play as hard as we work…or rest as hard anyway.  relaxing is good for the soul, it replenishes us when we feel burned out, worked up, discouraged or lonely.

And so here I will be, on the couch, in my comfy clothes, relaxing and enjoying the day.  Join me.