The Fall of Change

“And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves…” Virginia Woolf

The change is in the air as the mornings and evening starts to feel cooler. It is a subtle change here in the south, but if you are attentive, you can feel it, sense it. While we are still in the mid to low 90’s, that is better and cooler than it has been.

And at night, there is a little less humidity, and a little more chill. And this is the fall that I am looking forward to most. IT has been a long, hot summer. It has been a long, hot year for that mater. And all of the sudden, there is the promise of the cooler air, a nice breeze, and a bit if relaxing as we can get outside in much more comfort.

There is an excitement in the air as well. It is the sweet taste of anticipation. Because there is something magic about the Fall. It is the excitement of all that is coming, and the silent smiles from the memories of what has just passed. When things cool down and the windows can be opened and the air conditioning turned off. It seems to be when we breath a sigh of relief – the summer fun in over but it is the blissful time between the cold rush of the holidays.

And for me it is the start of many new adventures, as well as the wonderful continuation of others. Yes, this autumn shall be delicious and fun. I am already getting my long t-shirts and PJs ready. It is kisses in the wind, laughter in the sun, wishes in the sky and life settling in.

And in this time, when my heart is happy, it is the best season of all. Yes, it will be a busy fall, preparing for all the wonderful that is coming. And for that I am blessed and thankful.

Life is short. Enjoy the change. Drink it up like sweet cider to your lips.

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