La Petit Update

Writing here has been a bit minimum. Life gets so busy that sometimes I don’t always have the time to update this space. Not often. But sometimes. And isn’t that just the way things go? I find that life is cyclical.

This cycle is quite busy. And wonderful. And amazing. And more. This is not only a time of tremendous building. but of doing as well. In a time when I thought life would be slow because of the pandemic, I find myself busier than ever.

Indeed there are plans in the making, running here and there, making sure that all is lining up and everything that is needed is supplied. There is saving and shopping, looking and hearing, lots of strategy and talking. so many wonderful plans are in the works that sometimes I have to pinch myself.

When I moved for a fresh start, I remember thinking to myself that I would find my heart here, I would find what will make me happy for the rest of my life. This is where I need to be and what I need to be doing. And I have prayed and worked hard, played hard and rested hard. Indeed there has been balance and healing and loving and learning and knowing, that deep down, where the heart meets the mind and walks with the soul, that this time in my life is the most magic.

Life is short. Use is wisely. Have fun. And have faith.