Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Daddy! You would have been 84 today. If you were here I would have probably given you socks, for our tradition, and some kind of tool You always did like gadgets. And we would have eaten hot boiled peanuts as you drank your near beer.

It is hard to believe that it has been 3.5 years since I last saw you and heard your voice, hugged you. I am trying to live my life in a way that you would be proud. Can’t say that I always succeed. But I am also having a lot of fun.

You always said that you loved Texas, and I think you would love were I live. The area, neighborhood and neighbors are awesome. And you would enjoy talking and drinking a beer with them. I often think about looking up all your old fishing buddies. It would be fun to go with them and hear them tell stories of you. No doubt they would have many.

I am happy here Daddy and wish you could have seen it. But the world is so crazy now, maybe it is better that you are gone. I am not sure how you and Mom would do these days.

But I am flourishing here – even during the pandemic. Life isn’t perfect, but there is so much joy. I tried to do the garden and some things did grow…so there is that. I love my house and it is my sanctuary. Writing is going great.

I miss you. I miss your smile, your jokes, your laughter and your voice. I will always and forever be a Daddy’s girl. I love when you visit me in my dreams. You always give me encouraging messages, though never straight out. Being an engineer, you always hide them in riddles that make me think. So mischievous still. Still figuring out the last message but mostly it makes me smile. And maybe that was the purpose.

Love you. Miss you. Happy Birthday.

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