Anticipation is defined as the act of looking forward, or pleasurable expectation. That accurately describes the end of the year. There is so much anticipation of the things I am looking forward to. The end of his year is the beginning of so many possibilities. And they are endless.

A new life awaits me, full of promise and possibilities. No longer held back or held down, I am leaping forward, in faith and love, to build the amazing life that I have always wanted. And things are lining up perfectly.

We do not get many chances to press the reset button and completely start over, but it feels like I have been given that chance, a new chance at this new life. With it comes a new love, new job possibilities as my business truly takes off, a planned move, and trips and adventures being planned.

It is all right there, at my fingertips, as I reach and strive for my goals.

Yes the anticipation is sweet, but not as sweet as the realization of all coming to fruition. My heart quickens, my breath catches and a smile slowly stretches across my face, as I wait, just a little longer, until finally…

Anticipation turns to reality.



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