There are moments in life where you recognize just how close you are to your dreams coming to fruition.  This is that time for me.  In the twilight of all that is past, there is a new sunrise and my dreams are on the horizon. Everything I want is just within my rasp.

I would love to write something amazing and wise, love to say something profound.  but the truth is that this moment is so pure and simple, that is is profound all on it’s own.  My words are not needed.

And as excited as I am for the dreams, I am extremely aware of this lovely time and want to enjoy these moments. I want to remember the feeling of seeing all that I want right there. I want to remember the anticipation.

Life is short.  Don’t forget to enjoy those delicious moments.

The Final Days

Here it is, the home stretch, the final days before the closing. And there is a frenzy of activity getting everything ready. There are many loose ends to tie up, with only 9 days to go. And how else would be really? Life is often a mish-mash of last minute details to work out, even for the most organized people.

And in these final days before the closing, I am finding myself looking forward to the sale, if not terrified to making sure it all goes smoothly. I am looking forward to the closure, to the knowledge that I have served my parents well.  Looking forward to the peace after the storm of all of it.

Because for one chapter to begin, another must end.  And I feel that this deserves and will be given, a good ending. And there are beginnings waiting for me. Beautiful. amazing, exciting, beginning of life.

But before the beginning, I will cry at the closing. I will cry while at the last night, and shed tears of joy as I raise a toast to a job well done for my lovely parents. And I will smile when I think of the many memories, in these final days before the closing.