The Sacred Geometry of Chance

“He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of a probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance”- Shape of my heart, Sting

Life is a series of chances and outcomes, it is calculated risks and leaps of faith. The fact is that we all do the best we can at any given time, with the cards and information we have. And sometimes we get lucky, sometimes we fall on our face, sometimes it’s a wash.

And when those unexpected hands come to you?  PLAY THEM. It’s true that you may get stung by someone who is bluffing, but you also may end up with a royal flush. You won’t know until you play. And make the wager worth it.

I have recently been dealt a very unexpected but amazing hand of cards. And I do love taking calculated risks, but sometimes even I get nervous.  But life is short, and sometimes you have to make blind bets.  And so far taking that leap of faith seems to have netted me the jackpot.  What are the chances?  Maybe a mathematician could run the numbers, but right now I am basking in the glow of bliss.

The bottom line is that you can go over the numbers every which way, but there are never any guarantees in life. Sometimes the best thing we can do is let go and have faith, even when the stakes are high.  Right now they are very high in my life, and I am banking on a lot.  Between the repairs finishing on time, staying on top of the details, and wagering my heart, there is a lot on the table.

But I have a feeling that the sacred geometry of chance will swing in my favor. It feels like the odds are with me. And any good gambler knows that sometimes you have to follow your gut.  And isn’t that the case in life?  Sometimes you just have to go with it.  Sometimes you have to say your prayers close your eyes and have faith.

And would we really want it any other way?  The easy answer is yes, because then we would always know the answers and which way the odds would go.  But that is not what life is about.  And what makes life so rich are the chances we take. And if you win? If you can take the chance, then some might say that you already have. Because you are still living life to the fullest. And if we can go through life, with all it does to us, and still be willing to take chances, to grow, to love, to create a life…then that is the biggest jackpot of all.

So don’t just play with the numbers, dance with them – drink with them, move with them, get to know the mysterious ways in which they move. I have a hunch, that maybe in those numbers can be found the secrets to life, love and all the beauty the universe holds.




The Happy Christmas Tree

There are times in life when we look up and realize that things have all worked out, that we are good, that life is good.  This realization can happen in the grocery store, at home, at work, in the car, or just about anywhere. And many times it is not one huge moment either. Many times it is a quiet moment, a small stitch in time, when it happens. And when it does, you the reaction isn’t always big, but many times small as well.  Subtle, maybe even unnoticeable to those who are not observant.  But you smile and feel warm all over.

It is the holiday season, one of the hardest seasons of the year for many people. Those who are alone, who have lost loved ones or who are away from home. Last Christmas was terrible difficult for me. And throughout the year, there have been some very hard moments.  There has been some very deep healing. And many times, you do not even realize that the healing is happening, because you are simply going through your day and your life, getting things done.

Last night I was putting up the Christmas tree. I decided that this year, Christmas was going to be celebrated. The tree, the ornaments, the decorations, the lights, they were all going up.  This year, life and all it’s trappings will be celebrated. And I put the lights on the tree, quietly humming and smiling. And then it was all the ornaments, placed carefully, finding the perfect place for each of them.

And there in my living room, I had a wonderful, small, quiet moment. I looked up from the tree and felt a warmth in my heart. There I was in my little house, decorating the tree, celebrating the holidays and my little life. And it occurred to me that I am happy.  Blissfully happy.  In this moment,  everything for which I have prayed: A life full of love, wonderful friends, a great job, a wonderful career, I am no longer alone and everything is falling into place.

And maybe that is how it is in life…slowly, surely, as we are busy taking all of those baby steps, we travel thousands of miles to where we are happy. And so seamless is the transition, we don’t even feel it until we are fully in its embrace.

Then when we get to that happy place, we get to decorate our life however we want.  Because we feel joy borne from tragedy. And that kind of joy bubbling up from the deepest places is so true, so distinct, so strong, that it can make any life beautiful.

And so it goes.