The Packing

The house is all quiet, except for the Crickets that can be heard. And when I step outside to hear the Crickets more, I look up and see every single star in the sky. There are no city lights out here, so there is no light pollution in the star shine brighter than I remember them in a long time. And there is a piece in the column that washes over me standing in the driveway, looking at the stars on this cold night.

I am here packing of all the books, the rest of the kitchen things, and the rest of everything that needs to be taken with me. And instead of being an emotional wreck, I’m at peace. I’m at peace with the fact that the closing will happen in a week, a piece with the fact that this will be one of my last trips here, peace with the fact that the torch will be passed from this family, to another family to enjoy this beautiful place.

Somehow I know that all is how it is supposed to be. This is exactly what my parents would have wanted, and I have carried it out well. While there is still much to be done, there is still time to reflect.

And isn’t that how it is in life? Sometimes we just need to take a moment, take a breath, to catch up with ourselves. Sometimes it takes a moment, and a breath, and a Beat, to truly grasp the meaning of a moment.

And U droft to sleep knowing thst even when it’s hard, life always works out for the best. And so I have to trust it. Tomorrow morning continues with the packing, and the moving, and the everything. But for now I fall asleep under the warm blanket of the love my parents gave me to last a lifetime.