That Fall Moment

There is moment, an instant that can be felt. You can smell, almost taste it, it in the air. It is the moment when the season changes from summer to fall. And it is delicious.

That moment when the nights get just a little cooler, the humidity is down, crispness is up, maybe you even get a chill when the sun goes down. The days may still be hot, but it’s at night that things slow down, just a little, from the pace of summer and all it’s activities.

A moment to rest, and catch your breath before all the fun of Fall begins. There are all the fall festivals and concerts, corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin patches, cool nights perfect for hand holding and wine tastings. There is a flurry of activity as we get ready for what is to be a long, cold winter. We laugh, plan, play and smile, as we stock away for the winter.

The seasons are changing, even if it hasn’t arrived yet on the colander. Fall is early this year, as summer struggles to hang on and gives us the last kiss goodbye.

And with the change of seasons for me, comes the continuing of this next chapter in my life. And it is delicious.

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