My Muse

“To be the inspiration, and to be the one inspired, are both beautiful things. All writing, all creativity is inspired from somewhere deep – where the soul meets the mind.”

He was my muse because I met him, back in 1996. He was my muse because he existed. It was a blind date, set up my by my sister. It was never about what I saw in him, it was what I felt about him. Because I loved him. Who knows why we fall in love with who we do; in the end the heart wants what it wants regardless of reason. All I can say is that I loved him and from that love came the inspiration for what I wrote. For many years.

Our relationship was not long, but what nonetheless significant in my life. And regardless of how it turned out,, I was abetter person for having experienced him.

You never know the affect you have on someone life. The person who inspires you probably has no idea and so forth and so on. It is one of the great mysteries and beauties of life. He was my muse. Most of what I wrote, all the love poems, all about missing someone, every word about love, was somehow connected and inspired by him.

And I got the chance to tell him, that he was my muse and had been for many years. To thank him for his gift.

Even though we did not end up together and will never end up together, it does not mean the love was not real and deep. Even thoughh things are as they should be, doe snot mean that he will not continue to inspire me. I will always be grateful.

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