Having been in radio and a member of the media for over 20 years, music is and always will be a huge part of my life. Two of the best performances of the 2014 Grammy Awards. The two living members of the Beateles were great, but these two bt far were the most incredible.

First Pink, showing she has more talent than most who call themselves artists today. Wow.

And Second Mackelemore – who with penned one of the most beautiful peaces and reasons why we need to make todays’ world safe for children to be who they are. We are all the same – Humans – when it gets down to it. We have blood in out veins that pumped by a very human heart. It’s sad that many kids these days find it easier to kill themselves than be in a world where they feel unaccepted, unloved and unlovable. The Grammy’s missed an opportunity to send a message when it gave the album, artist and song of the year to other artists….

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