Six Years and a Day

Hi Daddy,

It’s been six years (and a day) since you left. When it happened, I knew I would miss you forever. But I also knew you were so happy tp be with Mom again, because that is all you wanted. How life has changed since then. I think you would be proud of the life that I have now, that I have made for myself. I think you would be proud of the move to Texas, proud of my business, proud of the partner whom I have chosen, and who has chosen me.

But then I realized a harsh fact: I would not have this life if you and Mom were still here. Meaning I would have no reason to leave Georgia and every reason to stay. I would have stayed there to make sure you and Mom were well looked after and taken care of. And unless I could have gotten you guys to agree to move to Texas with me – highly unlikely – I would have stayed to look after you.

So while I love you and will always miss you every day, always miss your laugh, your smile…You, I am happy in this life. You and Mom passing was the springboard upon which I launched this part of my life. What the two of you taught me is the firm foundation on which I build. And your love is the fertile ground in which my my life and love for everything in it grows. Just as God’s love flowed through you, so does both your love and God’s love flow through me. Even though you and Mom aren’t physically here with me, I know that you are here every step of the way. Because you gave me the tools I needed to be wonderfully, beautifully, blissfully happy, even in your absence.

There are so many things happening in my life that I wish you could see, about which I could tell you. So many things that make me wish you were here. I will settle for when you visit me in my dreams, and smile, and hug me, and tell me funny things.

I carry you in my heart, always, Daddy. Thank you for everything. Most of all, thank you for being the best father in the entire world.


Your PJS

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