Good Taste

There are many fun things about planning a wedding. Things like getting the dress, getting pictures made, picking out the decorations, flowers, venue, and deciding an the wedding party. But by far, one of the most things about planning a wedding…the tastings! Oh. My. Gosh. I didn’t know such delicious things could even exist.

So far there has been the wedding cake tasting, the bar tasting (where they mix up whatever drinks you may want), and the catering menu tasting. And they have been delicious and fun. Next will be the cupcake tasting. And this girl loves a good cup cake.

While there is still a ton to do before the date, things are slowing being checked off the list, and both of us are getting more and more excited.

And that is the thing about life, that you should be present, truly present and engaged if you want to get the most out of every moment. We forget that sometimes, as we constantly check our phones and watch Tik Tok videos. We forget that there is a whole other life out there, waiting for us to step into it. Enjoy it. LIVE it.

I remember when I was taking care of one of my nephews, and I made him put his phone away and stop playing video games for a day. You would love thought I shot his puppy. But at the end of the day, he understood. Because during that afternoon, he looked up and laughed, stepped out of his comfort zone, had new experiences, met some new people and even learned a few things.

Technology is great. But sometimes no screen time is the best time. Pu the phone down. Turn the video game off. Walk away from the computer…and LIVE. Actually talk to people, ask questions, laugh. Make memories that aren’t Instagram ready. After all, some of the best things in life are not only free, but non online.

The age old question of if a tree in the forest falls and no one is there to see it, does it really exist? The answer is yes, And if you need any proof, just look at everything that happened and everything mankind was able to accomplish before all the social media. Indeed, people still fell in love, had families, ran businesses, took vacations, they still lived life, even when there was no internet, Facebook, MySpace, (OR SpaceBook as I call them) Instagram, SnapChat, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Reddit, YouTube, etc.

Life is short. Put down your phone and taste the cake.

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