Flying Phoenix: Life Giving Life

Life is a series of changes, adaptations and goals.  We struggle, we strive, we thrive, we learn, we grow, we start the process over. We learn from failures and our success, and we only succeed because we have failed well in the past. And when hard times truly hit, we must reach deep down inside, where the soul meets the heart and the mind runs with the spirit.

And after the dust settles and the fire has burned, we rise like the Phoenix.  Because the fire within us burned brighter than the fire around  us.  Because there are no bounds to the Human Spirit. Because we have the Will and strength of those who came before us.

I was getting things together this week and realized, for the first time in a long time, that my life is exactly what I want it to be. Everything that I prayed for 6 months ago has come to fruition.  And it is by the Grace of God that it has all worked out.

In the past 6 months I have worked hard, cried hard, played hard, dreamt hard, lived hard, and mostly prayed hard. I moved to a wonderful area in a house that I love, created a home that feels good when you walk in. I have built a life with amazing friends who are my roots, my people, my heart and my love. Even the yard feels good because of all the flowers and plants that are in bloom. It is the perfect place to sit and c=have coffee with friends, talk and see the bird feeders and happy creatures. The deck is arranged and downstairs porch is in order with places to sit and relax. And soon there will be back yard grilling and wine tastings.

I will be volunteering with the Hospice that took such care of my father s means so much to be able to help others as this amazing organization that helped me in so many ways.  From being there for my father and making sure he did not suffer in any way, and that he passed peacefully, to all the counseling afterward.  They helped me realize how vulnerable I was when my ex was manipulating me and being cruel; they helped me see that and walk away.

My dreams are coming true work and career wise too.  I am writing more, the books are happening and I am part of an amazing opportunity doing creative writing for an incredible AI technology project.

My nephew moved in with me and in a few short months he is also thriving.  I have kept my promise to my mother and sure that he has what he needs.  I have watched him made huge strides in his life, and am so incredible proud.

My personal life is amazing. A man who is everything I never knew I wanted. A man who makes me laugh and has restored my faith in love. A man who is so much more than I ever thought was possible.Finally, my life is so full of love that it is tangible.  This life, gives life.  That  means that it is not only life sustaining, but that others thrive is the atmosphere of my life, because love is so integrated into every part of it.  And that love flows from God’s Grace and love, through me, on out to all those who are around.

Finally, FINALLY, my dreams are in front of me.  It has nothing to do with money, or fame, or anything remotely superficial.  It is deeply rooted in love, in faith, in friends and in hard work.  It has to do with keeping my circle tight and only letting those in who are capable of giving and accepting love.

And isn’t that part of learning how to live a great life and making your dreams come true?  When you set your intentions on love, and creating a life that originates from love, things easily line up.  But getting there takes work and dedication.  You must loose things, people, projects and actions that do not line up with your intentions. Doing that frees up your time, energy and focus on only what you want.

I am the Phoenix.  This is my life giving life. And I am humble and thankful for it, as by the Grace of God go I.


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