The Great De-vicing

What was the world like before all of our cell phones, tablets, kindles, FitBits and such? What did we do before we sent everything to the cloud? Some day life was much simpler; others say all the technology has made life better.  I am still on the fence.  In most cases I would say that technology is very intrusive. And I am doing something that I have never done before…cleaning out my devices.

We know it is beneficial  to go through your house to declutter.  It frees up space for that which is truly needed in your life. And decluttering has a definite positive psychological effect.  So don’t we do it for our digital life and devices? Think about how much time we spend on our devices and in the cloud. Think about all the extraneous clutter taking up space in our digital psyche.

And so begins the project of cleaning out, going through, deleting, and the general de clutter of the devices. I have been a digital hoarder.  If my digital mess were an actual house, things would be stacked to the ceiling. I have saved every picture, every letter, every contract, every everything, and sometimes multiple copies. What is the rule – if you haven’t worn it in two years, throw it away?  Well, if you haven’t looked at it, and forgot it even existed – delete it (with the exception of family pictures and financial records).  Why do I need pictures of the ex, or copies of contracts from 10 years ago? Or letters written to people I don’t even remember?

The results so far have been wonderfully cathartic. Cleaning out the digital old to make room for everything wonderful in this new life does make you feel lighter. Leaving the bad and unnecessary behind for what serves me. IT clears my mind and my heart, making it easier to breathe as I go through all that is taking up space in computer. Years and years worth of digital minutia, erased with the click of a button.  I am almost giddy.

Because what if life is like a computer hard drive and space is not unlimited? Then I only want what is good and positive to surround me. There will be no room for anything else. If you want love to permeate all that is in your life, then you have to get rid of everything that does not originate from it.

Can you imagine a life that is centered purely around love and positivity?  I can. It starts out small, then radiates outward to everything else.  It comes from God, right through your center, and you either block it or let it grow.  And I think there are plenty of blockers in this digital day and age. Plenty of ways to get and keep stuck on that which does not serve us, improve us or make us better. The clutter that is in our house and on our devices is a symbol of what is holding us back in our hearts, I think anyway. As I have unpacked I have thrown out much cutter, and now it is time for my digital life too.

And that is how you De-vice.