Peace in the Rain

You can fake it through the night
set fire in the morn
dress it up with all your might
To hide the soul that’s torn

But there is no way to hide
from yourself at night so late
swallow all your pride
Just to pray they took they bait

But when you look into the mirror
You see it in your eyes
It couldn’t be any clearer
Because you see beyond the lies

And then you just break down
In the sacred of the dark
In the private of the all alone
Then wipe away their mark

but you cannot heal
even with your head held high
until your bear your heart
until you learn to cry

So put away your make up
You are safe in bed now
Know you’ve had enough
And make yourself this vow

To forgive yourself
You must have an open heart
So take it off the shelf
Because the sea is about to part

Let the floodgates open
let all the pain get out
Let the love soak in
And know without a doubt

That this to shall pass
And again you will be pretty
Mascara smudges fade fast
In the heat of the city

Let go of all the pain
the darkness runs from the light
There is peace in the rain
so let your soul take flight

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