Four Years Journey

It’s been four years sinxe my Mom went into,the hospital and didn’t recover. Four years since the start of that 16 days. I can’t say that the grief gets easier every year, but I can say that youvet better at living with it.

And here I am,four years later. Back then I never woyld have guessed I woyls be living in Texas, with this life that I have now. Not sure where I thought I would be or what I would be dping, but it wasn’t here.

And as I edit the Walk with Mom Series, getting it ready to publish, I relive those days, and that moment in time where my heart shattered. I wish I could have just grieved it instead of handling everything. When you are in charge you dont really get to feel anything, you just have to “Do.”

And so it starts, these 16 days of remembering. Four years ago, a million life times lived.

Life is short and precious. Love hard. Whatever you do, do with all of your heart