The Ugly

Social media, where would our lives be without it? What were our lives like before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and ever MySpace? And who would have thought when these time wasters first started that they would be used to communicate politics, laws, and legal movements? Indeed, where would life be without all of the social outlets?

Maybe our lives would be much better, much more calm and peaceful and much more settled. Think about it, while they are fun, they can also be a source of misinformation, chaos and stress. And recently this seems to be exactly what it is. It is just ugliness.

The current events have affected me deeply and it is nothing but fighting and nastiness online. Both sides insulting and accusing each other and arguing. The politics, the riots, the looting, the lives lost.

So I have stepped away. And many others are doing the same. It is just too hard to take 24/7, on TV, the radio, all over the publications, everywhere online and on social media. Everyone posting their opinions of who is right and wrong, who did and caused what, and how they hate the other side.

The only thing I want to do is look up the memories on Facebook, as those always make me smile. But outside of that, it is just too rough and ugly out there. We have to be careful and take care of ourselves emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. And sometimes the constant information is too constant and we need a break.

Life is short. Spend on the positive.