So I am going to step out of my normal circle and write about current events. The whole Kaepernick football thing. I don’t follow sports, never have, never will.  But I do have a basic understanding of being spoiled and entitled, which seems to be the main theme.

First, his protest is noble. But managers and recruiters don’t like controversy – unless you have the talent to get away with it. Dennis Rodman for example, everyone knew he was a controversial freak – but an incredibly talented one.  So everyone overlooked the controversy, and chalked it up to Roman being Eccentric.

In the latest Kaepernick soap opera, he was here in Atlanta.  There were all 32 teams invited to watch him, and they were all planning to be there Has that even ever happened before – all 32 teams interested in seeing what one player can do?

So he had all of the teams willing to watch him and give him a chance. and what does he do? He insists that all of the press and TV cameras be there for “full disclosure'” whatever that means. So he only wants the NFL teams to see him in front of a whole bunch of cameras??

The NFL said no, no cameras, no press, just the players we want to see and us. What does Kaepernick do? He moves the location of his practice AN HOUR before hand.  The problem is that this is Atlanta, and where he was going to practice is about an hour away from where he moved. With the late notice, only 8 out of the original 32 teams could make it. And after all of the disrespect of switching at the last minute, they don’t seem to be interested.

So he complains and whines, they aren’t giving him a chance.

He had a chance and he wanted the cameras instead. Because if he really wanted to be in the NFL, why would he care about the cameras?

There are thousands of boys who work hard and dream of being drafted to the NFL and would give their right arm to play. There are thousands of boys who dream of the chance to have ALL 32 teams represented at a practice. And Kaepernick wastes the opportunity, the gift?

He instead is going to behave badly and whine about the results. If he wanted to play, he should be the first on, the last off, play when and where he is scheduled and at least TRY not to be difficult to work with. There are consequences to your actions, and if you waste chances by being whiny, entitled or just plain difficult to work with, no one will want to work with you.

He doesn’t want it bad enough and the opportunity he wasted should be given to someone who does.