In the Wake of…

In the wake of being busy and getting things ready; in the wake of cleaning and prepping and talking and doing; in the wake of cooking and watching and snuggling and living; in the wake of anticipation and hanging and decorating and laughing, I haven’t been writing much. Its not that I have nothing to write about, quite the opposite. It’s that for the first time in many years that I am too busy doing happy things to sit by the computer and type.

But, in this wake of this realization, it is bittersweet. Because I love writing, I love being a writer, and I love putting thoughts down into relatable stories.

In the Wake of…

What has been going on in the world, and watching the news and listening to leaders around the world; in the wake of seeing the footage and hearing the stories and talking to friend that have families where bombs are dropping; in the wake of looking at balances and planning for what’s to come, I hold my loved ones a little tighter and sniggle a little more. I take more time to talk to friends, really talk, about how we are all doing. I appreciate this life I have been given. with all of these amazing blessings, and I just want to freeze time, just for a moment, to imprint these memories in my mins so as not to forget a single second. And I pray, oh how I pray, every day, every morning, every night, every afternoon.

In the Wake of…


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