One of the best things about being in a new neighborhood is meeting all the new neighbors. And it seems that every time My Love or I go out front, we are meeting more people and it’s wonderful.

Tonight we went to check our mail a d walk around when we saw a group of neighbors and their children out in a front yard, so we headed that way, drinks in hand.

4 couples, 6 kids, and lots of conversation. Names, who lives in which house, whose kids are whose, and such. There was talk of the neighborhood dinner club, the ladies group and the neighborhood Maudi Gras parade, where everyone decorates their golf carts, or even pull wagons if kids want to join, and throw out beads and candy. We will be spectators this year, maybe participants next year.

And Hurricane Harvey came up, as most people lived here during and tald me what it was like. This area flooded, not because of the storm, but because the corps of Engineers let the water out and I tentionally flooded this area. At 2am. When everyone was asleep in their beds. They talked about how horrible it was because the Corps didn’t warn them, or give them any time to get out, grab their possessions, pets or move their cars. Most had to be rescued out of Herr. And in the aftermath, all of them became close.

I cannot even imagine the terror they felt when those waters suddenly rushed from the release of the damn. There are still lawsuits being filed over it. It made me grateful for all I have now, and for these new neighbors as well.


There is nothing like physical therapy to show you how out of shape you have become in the wake of Covid. Indeed my PT guys have made me aware of how weak I am and how much weaker one leg is after an injury. I think back to the days I used to workout – running, boxing, and sit ups were my main activities. More recently my activities have been going up the stirs in the ongoing commute fro. The bedroom to the office. And physical therapy.

gout that is changing. My Love and I got up at 5am (cooooooooffeeeeeeee) to work out upstairs in the area I refer to as “Our Gym,” that consists of my yoga mat, weights, workout bands, Piyo instructions and a rowing machine. Amd we workout for at least an hour. And it’s wonderful. Except in is early and I am not a morning person.

And then I think back to the quotes and images that remind me that you must step out of your comfort zone in order to accomplish anything great. Because growth is uncomfortable and change is unfamiliar.

And I smile as I drink my coffee, and start again on those 50 sit ups.


I was excited qhen we first had our cameras installed for the security system. It’s a great system amd now we can see everything around our property. And I discovered something quite wonderful the first time watching…all the little visitors throughout the day and night. Especially at night.

From qhat I can tell, there are 3 raccoons that stop by nightly for drinks and eats – PegLeg, whose back leg has been injured so he clumsily hobbies around, Gimpy who had an injured front hand or paw, send Blondir, who hands out with the others. There are also two cats, but I haven’t names them yet.

Every morning I view the camera feed to see qhat they were all up to the night before. And when it’s cold I do leave food out. None of them even remotely look starving, but I do this anyway. Just one of many things I enjoy in these woods, in this area.

I blessed and ridicouslt happy.


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