Anniversary of Two

It was two years ago that I loaded up a rented van with personal belongings, 8 huge potted plants, 5 cats, 1 litter box, a good friend and left Georgia in the rear view mirror. I had been planning this move for two yeas. The family and estate issues had finally been settled, I had done my time waiting for everyone to get situated, and now it was time to move forward, by driving and not looking back.

I asked many people about where to live in Texas, and settled in the suburb of Cypress after visiting a few times. It was familiar, it was convenient, it was similar to the suburb I was leaving in Atlanta and it was perfect.

I have always believed in doing what scares you, and leaving my home state terrified me. But I wanted a fresh start, somewhere new, where I could leave the past pain behind and build the rest of my life on fertile ground. So, I looked online for a house to rent, said a prayer, paid for it and signed the lease sight unseen. My friend who drove with me down to Texas asked about the house and the only thing I could tell him was…I hoped it looked as good in person as it did online….and depending how it went after opening the front door, this would either be the most brilliant or the most crazy thing I had ever done.

Spoiler alert: It was the most brilliant.

I loved the neighborhood and the neighbors even more. They were wonderful and we all soon became good friends. They were and are my people. I found my neighborhood bar, favorite shops, grocery story and everything else needed to make a home. And I met the love of my life. And then we bought a new house that we are making a home. Texas has opened up it’s arms and welcomed me. And the love is definitely mutual. I have flourished here more and better than I have in many years, if not ever.

There have been good and bad moments (mostly good), drinks, laughter, friendships, adventures, so much good food, and filling every moment with all that is good and wonderful, and magnificent. Every day I am thankful for the decision to leave Georgia and move Southwest to the Republic of Texas. Every. Day.

Some people thought I was crazy to move 1,000 miles away from my home state. Some people thought I was crazy to move into a home that I had only seen online. My asshole-ex-finance-executive even accused me of moving just to be to be close to him (because a woman cannot possibly have her on thoughts, ambitions, and plans…). But I knew this was where I needed to be, regardless of anyone else or what they thought. I moved for me, for my life, and for the fresh start to make my life wonderful.

And so here I am, blissfully happy, living my life, fully, wholly and completely. Was I scared to move? Terrified. Did I have doubts as to whether or not I should? Yes. Did I have doubts as to if I could do it? Yes. But I did it anyway. And I am all the better and happier for it.

Life is short. Take the risks, make the chance, and do it anyway. You won’t regret it.