Shimmer and Shine

It is amazing what being treated well in a relationship will do to you and for you. It affects every part of your life, how you are treated in that respect, which is hard for an independent woman like me to admit.

And it’s not about being in love either, even blissfully, wonderfully, ridiculously in love. It’s aboit being treated well in your home, by the person. You love, the person you trust, the person who is your protector. It’s about your hone being a peaceful and safe place. It’s about your heart being safely looked after. It’s about kindness and Grace.

It’s about what happens when you can Finally let your guard down, and still beloved, still be safe and still be at Peace.

And it is truly magnificent.

When you are a woman who has been on her own for a long time, it’s easy to get used to having to be tough. And indeed, my friends and I have been on our own for a long ti.e, depending on no one but ourselves. That can be a lonely place though, and you forget the comfort of a caring partner. You almost don’t know what to do when you get one.

Indeed, after dating assholes and kissing frogs, after having to be tough through my parents death, dealing with the estate and the messy drama of an imploding family; after running my own business for years; with all of the negotiating, promoting, working, billing, and running; after all of it, all of the everything, I could finally be safe in my man’s arms.

And one of the most amazing things is his kind and gentle way with me. Meeting him, no one would say he is a sheep. He is a shark, shrewd in business, solid in his high standards, and sharp with his keen wit and intelligence.

And yet, he is teaching me Grace. The kind where you are nicer, more patient than someone deserves. Yes, this feisty red head is learning, slow, by example, how to be a better human. And it is because of the Grace my wonderful man gives me. It heals me, and the love he gives me fills in all the cracks in my soul, and my heart. And it has made all of the difference.

Life is short. Spend it with a partner who loves you the right way. No games, no drama, no addiction issues, no anger issues, or crazy ex wives, or dysfunctional family dynamics. Just love, acceptance, patience, Grace and more love. And you will shimmer and shine like glitter in the sunlight. And if you havent found that partner yet, don’t worry, he is out there. Be patient, he’s coming. And he is worth the wait.

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