Every year I post a entry about all that I have let go. But this year is different. This year, and this future, is not about letting go, but rather embracing. This year it is about embracing all of the everything that life has in it, for me, for us, for life, for the future, for friends and for family.

I am embracing love, in all of it’s glory and mess and truth and depth. I am embracing this life that we are building and all of the plans that we are making.

I am embracing the responsibility of us, of it, of it all.

I am embracing the work, the rest, the play and the planning. I am embracing the travel and the staying home, the writing letters and notes, the sharpening of pencils and the holding of pens.

I am embracing the heartbeats, and the raindrops and the spaces in between breathes and decisions and thoughts.

I am embracing the beauty. The art. The exquisite longing, the wonderful desire that is us.

I am embracing the sleep and the wake and the breaks and the moments, and all the mystery that they hold.

I am embracing the planting and watering and cleaning and upkeep and maintenance. I am embracing the rush and the slow and the measured pace of t all.

I am embracing this life that we have made, and continue to make. I am embracing the friends and family and visits and stays and Peace.

I am embracing this time in my life, in our lives, that have come from all of the work, hopes, dreams, and prayers. I am embracing this new, borne of shedding the old pain and sorrow, death, grief. I am embracing what my life has become and is yet to be, with you, with us, with them.

But most of all, I am embracing you and the wonder of your love for me. And finally, I am able to rest in the embrace of you, and your strength, devotion, loyalty, integrity and honor, keeping me safe.

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