Leader of the Packers

I’ve gotten good at packing over the years. Many moves, many house, many states, many areas, many cities and towns. And I have a specific process, one that ensure I don’t have to go searching through boxes to find something.

And so it is that we are furiously packing the house, getting ready for the upcoming move. The new house we bought is wonderful and perfect. And there is a satisfaction in knowing we will make this new house our wonderful hi.e as well. We already have so many plans and ideas. There is laughter amd hope, optimism and excitent we pack.

And then I see it in my Facebook memories; on this day, I was packing up to move here to TX with the ex hospital finance guy. He left that morning, called 20 minutes later saying he wanted to work it out, then later said he never broke up, then even more games after that. Games a d lies, lies and games. That’s all it was to him.

What a difference now, with my wonderful man by my side, helping pack, making plans for this life we are planning together. No secrets, no games, no lies, just us and our love. And there is joy. And trust. And devotion, and so much love.

And therein lies the difference. Life feels better with love. Everything in life is better with love, together with honesty, trust, and commitment. And I feel this with everything I pack. And I pack at break neck speed to get everything ready for moving day there is excitement all around.

life is short. Pack it in and get it out, to get on with life. You won’t be sorry, when you look back at those who left. You’ll be better off, and life has a way of working out. So happy packing.

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