Desire and Weakness

A wise friend of mine once warned me not to let my desire become my weakness. What a profound statement. But what exactly does that mean? Sometimes when we want something so badly, we have blinders on, and do not see the pitfalls or red flags associated with that which we think will give us what our heart desires most. And in that moment, our desire becomes our weakness. It becomes something others can exploit, what can be emotionally manipulated within us. Indeed, that is what leads many of us to make bed decisions.

Don’t let your desires become your biggest weakness. Don’t let what you want most, or the promise of getting what you want most, lead you into unsafe waters, where you can be manipulated and taken advantage of. In that instance, we must all guard our heart. And that goes for relationships, love, jobs, careers, friendships, anything really. How many times have we ended up in a bad job, relationship, friendship, career, because what was promised to us, what what we wanted so badly, seemed to be so close?

We must guard against that. But how? I don’t really know, but I think I have an idea, or at least what had worked for me. First we must listen to our gut instinct, Because our guts are good to us. So we need to go someplace quiet, where no one is whispering this or that in our ear, and we need to look deep inside where our guts live, and listen to that little voice. Because we already know if a decision is a good one, if we listen. And if we have the courage to follow that voice.

Second, we must be cautious and suspicious of anyone who offers us that which we desire most. Sound counterintuitive? It’s not. Because that is how we learn discernment. And discernment can save your life. Discernment gives the time, space and objectively to see if that person making promises is being truthful with no ulterior motives, or if they are acting in their own best interests because they see something in you that they can exploit. It gives times to dig deeper, and make sure we see those red flags, or even yellow ones, so we can truly make the best and healthiest decisions. decisions But it takes a mature person to understand that. And not everyone is mature.

And let’s face it, we have all made bad decisions based on our desires. We have all found ourselves in situations where we ignore the pitfalls, in hopes of those promises coming to fruition. Some of those decisions have harder consequences than others, but no doubt they could have been avoided if we had just taken some times to step back to get a better view and put our desires in the backseat instead of letting them drive. The good news is that it is never too late to learn and never too early to practice.

Life is short, too short to live with bad decisions. So listen to your gut, guard your heart against your desires and make decisions based on solid ground. By guarding against you weakness, you gained the strength and discernment to truly see a situation for what it was, and chose accordingly. Your gut already knows the answer anyway.