The Kiss of Fall

It’s finally here. That slight change in the air, so subtle that it’s hardly noticeable, but you know as soon as you feel it. It is start of Fall. And it has nothing to do with what day it is on the calendar.

It is the first time that cooler air kisses your face, caressing your hair with a soft breeze, letting you know of the that lower temperatures are soon approaching. And that kiss makes a promise of the baking temperatures of summer being over, of windows open at night instead of running the air conditioner, and maybe even the turning of the leaves, if you are further enough north. In Texas we don’t get many colors of Fall, but we do so love the cooler weather after the searing heat of the summer.

And in my neck of the woods, that also means sitting out on the back patio or talking with the neighbors over beer as we sit out watching the children. It means wine and grilling and laughing while the humidity is low. It’s laughing and spending time with friends.

And that is another reason why this time is so exciting for me as well – because of the promise of being able to relax a bit, This year has bene one of tremendous hard work, as I set a goal early that I am with in of accomplishing. it is preparing for this holiday season which will be one of the happiest of my life. This Fall is full of promise and love and laughter and smiles and love and wine and great meals and exploring and planning and living and kissing. Indeed life is wonderful and I am happy.

Life is short. Enjoy all of the seasons.

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