The Visit

I have always said that what makes a home are the memories. Indeed, I want my home to be filled with wonderful memories in every corner, every nook and cranny. So I do love it when friends come to visit, because it’s just another opportunity to make memories and have a life well lived. And so my friends came and there was laughter and wine and food and catching up, and sharing and margaritas.

My friends, who have helped me move several times, helping me carry the heaviest furniture in and out and around and in the proper place. My friends who have been there for me, kept my cats when I had to leave a house full of mod and had no idea where to go. My friends who have been there for me, through thick and thin and breakups and breakouts, through tacos and turkey and questionable spaghetti sauce.

And so the good times rolled and great memories were made.

Life is short. Spend it with making memories with good friends.

The Celebration

Maybe because I am a hopeless romantic, but I have always loved weddings. Two people celebrating their love and commitment to each other, making that vow in front of God and their loved ones. It is truly a sacred time. Those vows are sacrosanct. My parents were married for 49 years, and were the love of each other’s lives. I love, love.

So it was wonderful when my love and I travelled to Colorado for a wonderful wedding where he performed the ceremony. I had been to Colorado, but not up in the mountains. IT was amazing to see the Rockies, so big and majestic. Don’t get me wrong, the East Coast has the Smokies, and they are beautiful. But the Rockies are huge and a completely different topography. I had never seen mountains that big, or been in that high of elevation. I did well, though, and outside of being a little more winded going upstairs.

The wedding was beautiful and much fun was had at the reception. We danced the night away, made toasts, drank a bit, took funny pictures and celebrated the love of the couple.

One of the best things about travel is also having fun exploring. My man and I stopped in several small mountain towns, going into shops, restaurants and little pubs. We saw elk, beautiful views and took way to many pictures. We made a visit to my cousin, making time for hugs, good food, wine and conversation. It is always good to see family.

While I would love to write something vastly wise and profound on travel or weddings or love, I really can’t because what it boils down to is quite simple: Life is short. And even in this time of restrictions, uncertainty and politics, we can make room for what makes our hearts happy. We must never lose our curiosity about life and that which is around us. The world is so big and full of everything. Go explore it. We only get this one life. Celebrate it.