Welcome to the Zoo

Life is an adventure, we already know this. And most of us are familiar with the adage that when it rains it pours. This is definitely true for this week. Moist who read my blog are familiar with all of my sitcom moments, which are moments that you would think only happen in a sitcom…except that its real life. You life. And you sit back and realize that if you were watching this it would be hysterical.

It has been a crazy mix of starting a new project, having company, and plumbing issues. It is the perfect trifecta for what I can call The Zoo.

Picture it, starting a new project while great friends visit. There is not much time to spend with them because I am getting up and running. I see them for breakfast, lunch when I go down to grab a sandwich downstairs and when I am done for the day and ready to start dinner. These friends have three massive dogs small horses, which I did not know where also coming. These dogs are well behaved, but do bark, and growl a bit loud. I have cats. Cats that are terrified of the dogs.

My mind thinks back to the movie Cheaper by the Dozen, where between kids, animals and projects, things can get a bit crazy.

The sitcom moments are coming faster than a bowling ball. I am working upstairs in my office, when I hear the dogs bark and actually start howling, singing me the song of their people. So loud that the neighbors can hear. I quickly move my desk into the master bedroom…which is pretty big, but to have the entire bedroom, and the office desk, with the computers, monitors and work stuff. It’s pretty cramped. But, when the dogs start barking and howling because they see a squirrel or anything really, I can close the door.

The cats don’t know that the dogs won’t eat them, so they are also terrified to leave the bedroom, and for that reason the litter box has been temporarily moved to the bathtub. The experience a the scent of a freshly used littler box wafting over to you in a meeting is a special. The knowledge that hearing the cats scratching in said litterbox will be followed by the scent is a dread that can only be matched by waiting for a parent to get home after a horrible report card.

More sitcom moments as when the dogs bark and howl, the cats, safe upstairs in the master bedroom, dive under cover. Being on a call and having the howling start, slamming the bedroom door quickly, as the cats jump into hiding, knock over computers, drinks and anything else in the way.

And then add plumbing issues to the mix. Because what sitcom would be complete without bad plumbing? My friends helped replace the bad garbage disposal that stopped working and was leaking water everywhere. And discovering complications with the water filtration system, dishwasher and refrigerator sweetened the deal of funny moments as Murphy’s Law dug in his ugly feet. So there have been trips to the store for supplies, calls to and visits from the plumber, lots of water and cleaning up. Doorbells ringing, pipes leaking, running around, dogs howling, things falling.

And so it goes this week. Leaks, howls, littler boxes, desk moving, and lots of hectic. But I smile and am as cool as a cucumber in the meetings… No one would know that the entire house is a zoo past the closed door.

But at least it is not boring.

Life is short. Welcome to my life, other wise known right now as the Zoo. Make the most of it. Laugh about it, maybe even howl about it.