The Destination Journey

Travel these days can be a bit dicey. Airlines and short staffed, as is everyplace else, everyone is sick of wearing masks, flight crews are stretched thin, service people are working long hours, and delays are more common than flights remaining. on schedule.

So here I am at the airport bar that is beyond busy, having a glass of wine because our flight has been delayed, again. But looking around, people are happy. They are talking, laughing, and just glad to be in a bar, even if their flight is delayed 8 hours because of tornado warnings. Waiting in line to get in, I met a couple of your men, probably in their mid 20’s, who were strangers that struck up a conversation. About how long they had been waiting to get home. Before they parted, they shared another laugh and hugged each other as they went on their way.

The world, and this country is not as divided and the news would want us to believe. All one has to do is look around in an airport, full of every type of people, with every reason to be impatient.

And I needed this reminder today. After being attacked and called racist because I worry about what is happening in Afghanistan. (I don’t get political on this blog, but if you are a person of faith, please pray for the Americans trapped there, the people who live there and the interpreters and others who helped us. They are getting slaughtered).

But all I needed to restore my faith was a delayed plane in a busy airport. People of every race and every color, talking, laughing and helping each other. Two strangers of completely different backgrounds are sitting talking about their favorite TV shows and movies. Everywhere I look, people are coming together.

How much are we coming together? The two people discussing movies (and now sharing pictures of their children), one is Indian, one is Irish from New York. Across the way, a gay couple, one Mexican, one Chinese, just bumped fists with a black man who approached them after hearing them talk about some common topic. Behind me, there is a Muslim laughing with an older white couple.

Don’t believe all the hype. We are still the United States, United by our people who are the melting pot of the world.

Life is short. The Bible says love one another. It did not say anything about having to be the same race or the same faith or the same political views. It just says Love One Another. And if this busy, crowded airport, full of tirrd people just trying to get home sometime in the next 12 hours is any indication, we do.