Partner in Complements

The Bible says that you should be well yoked with your partner. To me that means that you should be well matched in terms of values and goals. You should have the some basic beliefs. Your strengths and weaknesses should also complement each other. One of the wonderful discoveries of the relationship with my man is that we are well yoked.

One thing that seemingly shocks people about me is that I am actually quite shy. I am a writer, and have been in radio, TV and radio. I mix well at parties, introducing myself with ease, have good social graces, and make friends easily. So how could I be shy? Because being an extrovert is not my comfort zone. I prefer to be with a small group of people, or observing in the background. It’s exhausting to be social, even though I do enjoy it. The truth is I feel like the biggest dork sticking my hand out for a shake saying “Hi, I’m Ada.” I think the term is an extroverted introvert.

Sound confusing? It need not be. It simply means that even though I mix and mingle very well, it is not my natural state. Indeed my natural state is more relaxed and one on one or small group of friends. I work a room full of strangers well, but am exhausted at the end of the night and want nothing more than my bed and fluffy pillow.

We went to a party of one of his good friends this past weekend, and he, being the every social butterfly, talked with ease among those he did not know. And I was able to relax and benefits from his outgoing nature. As he introduced us, I didn’t have to. And I was able to enjoy the conversation without my awkward feeling introductions. It was glorious.

We both talked and laughed with the new people we were sitting next to, both of us enjoying his extroverted-ness.

Life is short. Make sure you have to good partner who matches you and with whom your strengths and weaknesses align. It makes life a lot more fun.

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