The Power of Motivation

I haven’t written much as of late. Life has been busy and there are things to be done. Truth is I have not only been busy living life, but also busy working hard and staying motivated.

It seems that almost everyone I know is working hard to accomplish things that have been placed on hold during the world wide shut down. As we all wake up, so too does our ambition. This is a great time to set high goals and accomplish them. This is a great time to take advantage of all of the businesses opening up, hiring, needing workers. it is a great time to build the life that you want and have always wanted. But it is not easy.

Life, and that which we accomplish, takes a lot of hard work. And whether that is rolling up your sleeves to actually build a building, a business, a garden or working spreadsheets all day, we must be diligent in our motivation. My motivation is a set goal that is coming up. There have been long days, busy night, meetings, calls working late, staying awake and staying in to make sure it all gets done. And it is extremely exhausting. But it will be worth it.

And that is the thing about life, we work and build and pray that it’s worth it. And it usually is. Even our mistakes and missteps can be opportunities for learning and starting over. And that’s a lot of work too – starting over. I have several friends who are doing that too. And all of the moving around, shaking off, letting go, buying in, filling up, coming by, being done, and having faith that goes along with it.

In this day and age of faster the better, cheap is great and disposable is the best, can we really find fulfillment is working hard for that which we want? Does it ever work out? Yes, I believe it does. My own life is proof of it. But it takes time. And that is the hardest part, I think. When we know what we want, and the improvements that we need to make, it takes time to actually make all the changes and do all of the work in one day. So we must be patient.

For me, I am and have been, working hard for this goal, and it is almost complete. It is almost time to move the mountains, benefit from my labor and have the dream come to fruition. I have wanted this for a long time, though I did not know that it would be here and now until I set my mind to it. And prayed about it.

And that is the thing about life. We know when the time feels right, and we know that hard work will always pay off eventually.

Life is short. Dream big. Work hard. Reach goals. And live the best life you can. Only you have that power. and let that motivate you.

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