Right Time, Right Place

In addition to being a massive time waster, Facebook is a reminder of my life and all the paths I have taken along the way. When the memories pop up, I can’t help but get a smile on my face and stroll down that lane of times gone by. And no matter who you are, what you do, where you are, where you have been or where you are going, you can track your life and progress with every post.

One year ago I had moved to Texas and was still getting settled. Everything had shut down and we were just starting to hear about masks and all the rules that came along with the virus. I had met my wonderful neighbors and the Driveway Drinkers were started. Since everything was closed, we sat out, and drank wine and beer while kids played. I met and started dating a wonderful man and we were having great time with “Shall we make dinner reservations at my kitchen or yours?”

Two years ago, was like an entire lifetime ago. I was still in Georgia, healing from all of the family drama and in a terrible relationship with a very toxic man. two years ago this week, I had gone to Cincinnati and Corpus Christie with him to help him with some job interviews, (he did not get the jobs), and he treated me horribly throughout the entre trip even though I was doing him a favor. I was also stuck with a mooch of a roommate who took advantage of my offer to help with out of a tough spot. But I knew better days were coming, and they were. When I think back on this time, I am reminded of the importance of being incredibly discerning with those you help.

Three years ago I was floating along, not much direction, and just starting to the plan to leave Georgia after my lease was up. I started researching where to move – Charleston, or somewhere in Texas. I contacted everyone I knew in Texas and started asking questions about living here. I was starting to get excited about planning my Getaway.

And four years ago I was still reeling from the death of both parents. Looking back it seems like another world, another galaxy ever. And I can see how for I have come since then. And I can be proud. I made it through, didn’t kill anyone, managed to get up and show up every day, and built the foundation on which my life currently stands. Not bad.

The rest of the years show many of the ups and down associated with life. Bad days, good jobs, milestone accomplishments, break ups, funny moments and wonderings of life. And looking back one thing is clear: I have always been in exactly the right place and exactly the right time that I needed to be there. Even when I thought I was in the wrong place…I see, through the magic f the internet and social media, that all I needed to do was trust, work hard and believe. Because through all of the tears and hopes and dreams, and ups and down, and broken hearts, and scrapes souls and all of the everything. It was OK.

And now I have the life that I always wanted. In the end, is is everything that I have done, in thought, word and deed, that got me to where I am today.. All the adventures, missteps, judgements, trips, falls, spills, and victories. It is everything I got wrong, that I didn’t know was right, all of the paths and people i met along the way. And here I am now. Happy. Loved. Loving. Working. Believing, thriving, and living.

Life is short. Have faith that you can get through the ups and downs of life. Because you can. If I can make it, you can too, no matter what it is. And when you do, one day you will look back and see how far you have come. You will see how strong you were and are. Building, rebuilding, reinforcing your li and your belief in yourself. And in that moment, you will see that you were in the right place at the right time as well.

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