The Slow Morning

How you start your day has a huge impact on how the day goes, how you feel and your attitude. When I was still going into an office, mornings were often rushed to get up, get ready and get out the door, followed by at least on hour in traffic and finally getting to work. Not a great way to start the day, but the “normal” way it happened for many. One of the great things about the the pandemic, is that many are working remotely and are not so rushed in the morning. at least that is how it is here.

While I blog about taking a rest in my home life and chores, I still have to work hard at my job. And what I have noticed is that now that my mornings are not so rushed, so hectic and I am not dealing with such traffic and subsequent road irritation, that working has been more efficient.

And so, I start my mornings with purpose. I always have, but it is even more so now. I want to do the best I can, be the best person I can be. And so I start the morning more slow than I used to. I start my being grateful for all the blessings that I have been given – a wonderful home, a loving family, a fulfilling relationship with a considerate and kind partner, a career that I love and friendships that make my heart happy. Yes it is a full life indeed.

And people think that getting this kind of life, and keeping it is easy. But there is a decision that you must make every single morning – too be happy and appreciate all that is given to you, and all that is brought to fruition from the hard work you have done. A good friend talks about the benefit of slow living, meaning slowing down enough to appreciate all the little wonderful moments. And this is how I start my morning.

I love on my kitties, give them treats, make delicious coffee and go outside to appreciate the morning. And in those moments, I notice the temperature, the clouds in the sky, the beautiful sunrise and the sounds of the birds. Sound corny? It’s not. Because it infuses into the day a deep appreciation for the beauty and peace around you. Then I’ll water the flowers and vegetables in the gardens, and read headlines or a few stories, check and answer messages. Maybe I’ll empty the dishwasher, or put a load of laundry in the wash. And then it is time to work, after a slow start to the wonderful morning.

Take time to start the day and notice, appreciate what is in front of you, it sets up how you move and the way you move through out the rest of the day. It sets up intention and purpose. And it doesn’t take that long, but the benefits are felt long afterward. And way not? What is the alternative?

Why wouldn’t someone want to to start their day in a better mood and pleasant from of mind? Well, some people are quite fond of their bad mood and ungrateful heart. It is easier to complain about life and everything that is wrong when you feed that part of it. Don’t worry about those people, they have a problem for every solution and will find a negative answer to every suggestion you make.

Life is short, and you can spend it in appreciation, or in negativity. That is not to say we don’t all have a bad day, or week, and even year and that is exactly the time we need to appreciate those moments even more. It can make a bad day better and a good day great. So why not? Take a slow start to the day and see how things change for the better.

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