Happy Cultivation

It seems that there is always a To Do list with too many things on it to ever accomplish. And even when we thing we have completed that list, it magically seems to get longer, with new tasks added while we weren’t looking. But isn;t that the case with having a full life?

And that is where and when we need to be wise and know when to dig in and work hard, and when to take a break, and just rest. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with resting when you need it. There is nothing wrong with self care and convalescing. I would dare to argue that it is a necessity these days.

And that is exactly what I have been doing, even as the to do list grows. The kitchen needs to be cleaned, vacuuming needs to be done, more flowers and vegetables need to be planted. But that will all be there when I return. The tasks are not going anywhere. After having oral surgery , then the Vaccine, I am pooped!

So I have been enjoying naps while wrapped up in a warm blanket. I have enjoyed slow movies and hot chocolate or tea. And eating an extra cookie, won’t kill the waistline and is good for the soul. Long showers and cool nights with fluffy pillows and soft beds.

In this day and age of rushing to get everything done faster, and having it all, is it possible to have a break? Yes, indeed it is. Sometimes that is exactly what it needed. Time to rest, relax, take a breath and sit down. Be still. And just Be. Resting and taking care of yourself is not being lazy. It is doing what you n=must to keep yourself in good health. We were not meant to be constantly simulated with the internet, TV, sounds and things. We were meant to have quiet times for our minds and rhythms to reset.

And when we return, from out break, we are refreshed and excited. It is easier to check things off the to do list, slow and steady, than tp sprint getting it all done. And no better investment can m=be made that=n to and in ourselves.

Life is short. Don’t rush through it, trying to get everything done at once. Take some time, take a breath, take all the moments you need, so sit back and enjoy even the smallest of times. You’ll be thankful you did.

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