Seven Dimensions of Happiness

It is well documented that there are seven dimensions of wellness that are needed for a deep sense of peace and happiness. For the first time in my life, all of these dimensions are in line. The interdependence of topics, tasks and territory are not over lapping but are instead in unison. Certainly things are not perfect, but they are beautifully recording the fruition of many years of hard labor, hopes, wishes, smiles and dreams. Indeed there have been mountains of sweat equity, oceans of tears and more prayers than can possibly be counted, to make these seven areas serenade my heart with the opera of my life.

Physical: Getting back into shape, exercising regularly and eating healthy has improved my energy levels and cognitive abilities. So has getting enough sleep, though and having plenty of coffee in the morning (because I am still not a morning person). I am lucky to have not had the virus that I am aware of, and have been healthy through this past year. Now time for all of my checkups, there are many appointments being made.

Emotional: Done with grief and all of it’s trappings, I see the sunshine and appreciate every single day. I am meditating and making sure that my emotional health is a priority. Taking care of the garden and creating a warm living space is also paramount to my emotional well being. Nothing teaches you the importance of taking care of yourself like years of self neglect.

Intellectual: I have people around me who are smarter than I and it is simultaneously incredible and staggering. Because that means I am always learning. There is something to be said about not trying to impress anyone, but rather wanting to soak up everything like a sponge.

Social: Yes, even in the time of social distancing I have been extremely lucky to have a great social network. Though traveling to see friends and family in Georgia has not happened, we talk, text and chat often. That and finding a group of wonderful people here I am blessed to call friends has made all the difference. The local pub, my favorite place for ribs and margaritas, friends that have come for a visit and others who are plannig trips make me smile.

Spiritual: Taking the spiritual journey and converting has been an incredibly fulfilling decision that is feeding my soul in ways that I didn’t even know I craved. Learning the correct history and reading the teachings as an adult brings a new level and depth of understanding. This Friday will be a new first as will a set date in May.

Environmental: My home/life/relationship environment is extremely loving and supportive. I am loved, respected and valued every single day. This has not always been the case. Many times in life we have to fight to prove our worth to others. Never again will I do that or allow myself to wallow in the distrust of others.

Occupational: I love my career and am so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. I temember being told that I was a writer when I was 13. I didn’t beleive it and thought the person was crazy. No, they were right, even if it took me a little while to figure it out. Now, every day I am paid to write. Every day I am paid to do what I love.

Life is short. And in the interim, I am looking forward to this Spring, this summer and everything it has to offer. The garden, the fruits, the flowers, the love, the trying and yes, even the hard work. because it takes hard work to get here. and it takes making a decision every day to love your life and truly do the best that you can. Life is good and I am happy, from the deepest parts of me all the way to my eyelashes. That someday that I dreamed of being happy and fulfilled is here.

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