16 Seasons

Four years, 16 seasons., 48 months, 1,460 days; that’s how long you have been gone Dad. It’s hard top believe that it has been that long since I held your hand, heard your voice, or looked at your face.

If seems like many lifetimes have happened since then, but I know you and Mom are with me, watching over me. My rational mind knows that, but my heart still misses having you physically here. I miss hugging you, hearing your voice, seeing your face, hearing you laugh and seeing that smile. I miss going fishing with you. We didn’t go very often, but I loved when we did. I loved how you laughed at me when I tried to cast the line.

I love where I am and am happy. I wish you were around to see it, to see this life I have built for myself. I wish you could see how happy I am now. But then, I am glad you are not here for something things. I think Covid would have scared both you and Mom. But I think you would love where I am in Texas. You would love the house, the neighbors and especially the food – particularly the Bar-B-Q.

There are still so many questions I would love to ask you, so many conversations. SP many hugs and sharing boiled peanuts. I miss being called PJ, and Chief-Beer-Fetcher-in-Charge. I miss giving you socks.

But as much as I miss you, and I do with my whole heart, I am OK and Happy. You were the best father in the entire world, and I am so extremely thankful that you were my Dad, and that we did get to spend those last 7.5 months together. It was my honor and my privilege. You and Mpm, gave me so much and suppported me no matter what, which is something I could never repay. But taking care of you was someting I could do to show how much I loved and valued you.

I know that you were at peace, and I know Mom was right there with you to take you over. And I know that the two of you are having a great time in Heaven, talking, doing, sharing and love. And laughing at me, your silly girl, down here.

I love you always, and miss you forever. Give Mom a hug for me. Please visit me in my dreams.

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